Timely decision

Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association Building

Fiji Times / FHTA 9 June 2020 – Even in these economically challenging times the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) continues to receive new membership requests from the industry and stakeholders.

FHTA chief executive officer Fantasha Lockington said as a result of the downturn in the global tourism and travel industry that had hit Fiji particularly hard, the association had reduced subscription for 2020 fee by 50 per cent.

Ms Lockington said FHTA members would only need to pay 50 per cent of their annual dues for this year while the 50 per cent balance would be deferred, adding that members would also be able to make arrangements for payment plans.

In a statement issued last week, Ms Lockington said in light of the decline in tourism activities and the subsequent cost-cutting measures by the sector, the FHTA Secretariat had also been proactive in implementing related measures including salary reductions, a hiring freeze and some suppliers agreeing to reduce or waive their own costs for them.

“Prudent financial management by the association with oversight by the FHTA Board over the last few years means FHTA is in a stronger financial position and the Secretariat will be able to draw on some of the savings to ensure that the operational costs for the Secretariat are met, to meet the expectations of all members,” said Ms Lockington.

She said the initiative had been approved by the FHTA Board and would be endorsed at the FHTA annual general meeting, which is yet to be scheduled due to the restrictions in social gatherings but alternatives are being arranged according to the FHTA Constitution according to the current limitations.

Established in 1965, FHTA has grown from strength to strength over the past fifty-five years with an increase in membership that now accounts for 80 per cent of total room inventory and industry representation in Fiji.