FHTA Corporate Profile


  • To protect, promote and develop the interests of the hospitality industry and the people within the industry through the establishment of standards, adequate training and recommending appropriate legislation and to promote good relations with all stakeholders in the industry.


  • · To secure for the members all the advantages of lawful unanimity of action.
  • To further protect, encourage and promote by any lawful means the interests of members in the business of hospitality and kindred businesses within the general ambit of the tourism industry
  • To maintain and promote standards within the tourism industry by encouraging reliability and honest dealing and discouraging unfair practices.
  • To improve the service rendered to the public by members of the Association by offering constructive suggestions and disseminating information amongst its members.
  • To promote the increase of tourism earnings by advertising and marketing generally.
  • To act as a non-political agency in making recommendations to any public body regarding legislation on interest to the hotel business and tourism industry in general.
  • To promote the existence of good industrial relations within the industry and provide support with regard to industrial relations issues.
  • To promote the development of employees within the industry and develop proper training of staff.
  • To encourage the use of local goods and services and foster support industries.
  • To promote good relations with all stakeholders in the industry including the local communities and resource owning communities.


  1. Establish a framework under which the FHTA can carry out its activities effectively and efficiently.
  2. Establish and coordinate Board committees
  3. Establish and coordinate Regional Committees.
  4. Establish and ensure efficient operation of the Secretariat.
  5. Establish relevant representation on national Boards and Committees.
  6. Collect and collate hotel industry data and publish such information for the benefit of members.
  7. Collating of hotel occupancy data monthly
  8. Collating of essential information as required
  9. Obtain and disseminate to members and public topical and important information.
  10. Newsletter to members
  11. Regular information to members
  12. Positive media
  13. Provide positive and timely press releases to media to educate and inform the public and maintain good relationship with media bodies.
  14. New releases to media
  15. To be proactive in the successful marketing and promotion of destination Fiji.
  16. Working closely with industry partners, Tourism Fiji, Ministry of Tourism and other Government departments.
  17. Coordinate meetings amongst members
  18. Review and evaluate existing and new policies of Government at the national and local level that directly or indirectly affects the hotel and tourism industry.
  19. Timely access to relevant information from Government bodies.
  20. Increase involvement with Resource Owners and their representatives.
  21. Meetings with resource owners
  22. Meetings with resource owners’ representatives
  23. Advance the development of employees through proper training and education programmes. Analyse training needs of members and work with education providers to meet those training needs.
  24. Regular training programmes
  25. Input at the national level
  26. Organise competitions amongst employees
  27. Seek for the opportunity for overseas training
  28. Maintain a harmonious industrial relations climate through a good working relationship with the Union and provide members with support in regards to dispute resolution, interpretation of Collective Agreement and other legislation and education to unionised property employees.
  29. Regular consultation with Union and Ministry of Labour
  30. Regular meetings with unionised properties
  31. Completion of Hotel Industry Job Review and Evaluation
  32. Participate in the negotiation of Log of Claims
  33. Improve the finances of the Association through the development of income-generating projects and increase in membership.
  34. Projects and programmes that will increase revenue to FHTA
  35. Membership drive
  36. Discounted purchases for members
  37. Maintain and promote standards within its members.
  38. Code of ethics
  39. Policing and proper advice
  40. Promote and advance the use of local produce in various areas of operation.
  41. Encourage and provide a guideline in the preservation of local culture and custom.


  1. To carry out other roles as decided by the Board of Directors from time to time.