Benefits of Joining


Becoming a member of the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association comes with many benefits for tourism businesses.

Benefits of Joining FHTA

The Association ensures members’ views on issues and challenges are addressed with the relevant agencies, Government bodies and forums to ensure business processes are improved and made more efficient through dialogue and meetings. Where relevant, issues are addressed through submissions, lobbying and recommended policies.

We provide information, access and facilitate training programs of value to the industry by working with training institutions, local & international training providers and our partners to provide a wide range of options to maintain and promote standards.

Through our website, social media platforms and emailed newsletters, we provide regular updates on what’s happening in the industry, post daily weather news and ensure you stay abreast of important upcoming events, activities, exhibitions and shows.

During cyclones and bad weather conditions we maintain regular weather updates during the day/night.

We ensure interested local and international bodies understand the Fiji tourism industry through consultation and on-going dialogue.

We provide endorsement letters for work visa purposes for Immigration requirements.

We maintain working relationships with embassies, consulates and high commissions to assist when required with our members’ international guest requirements.

Assistance with HR/IR clarifications and legal interpretations are provided through our access to Legal Counsel.

Through collaborative engagement with our sub-committees on;

  • Marketing
  • Policy & Legal
  • Dive
  • HR/IR
  • Environment
  • FRCA
  • Marine Operators
  • Proprietary Rights
  • Surf
  • Domestic Transport
  • Membership
  • Building Committee

We stay abreast of industry issues and ensure members are kept informed.

Membership networking opportunities and industry best practice updates are provided through our annual HOTEC Exhibition, FCEF Councils activities and other ad hoc forums.

The Association actively promotes its Code of Practices and Ethics and is looking into the introduction of a Code of Practice for safe food handling amongst other areas of best practice mechanisms.

Responsibilities of the Association

  • Protects, encourages and promotes the interests of members in the business of accommodation, restaurant and kindred businesses within the general ambit of the tourist industry.
  • Maintains and promotes standards within the tourist industry.
  • Improves the service rendered to the public by members of the Association.
  • Acts as a non-political agency.
  • Improves and promotes skills and knowledge of member employees at all levels by provision of training

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