Productions Pacific Pte Ltd

Productions Pacific Pte Ltd

ProdPac was established in 2012 to facilitate film production in Fiji. The company specialises in film project management and rebate compliance.

We are a local company with detailed knowledge of Fiji and government regulations. We will be glad to assist you with all your questions and provide you with insights into Investment and Film production in Fiji.

Do contact us for relevant information.

Suites 8 & 9, 1st Floor, QBE Insurance Centre, Victoria Parade
Suva, Fiji


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Eco Clean (Fiji) Limited

Eco Clean (Fiji) Limited

Our staff with their professional approach, are each individually inducted, fully trained and highly motivated to ensure the stringent standards that clients expect from a company. Our continued growth has been achieved by our unparalleled commitment to contract supervision and continuous detailed inspections, combined with regular client and staff contact.

All our Directors as shareholders have an unrivaled commitment to the success of the Company. Professionalism in their field, a personal service and determination to provide a value for money service are the hallmark of Eco Clean.

32 Dabea Lane, Valelevu
Suva, Fiji


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Pacific Technical and Further Education (Pacific TAFE)

Pacific Technical and Further Education (Pacific TAFE)

Pacific Technical and Further Education (Pacific TAFE) is a strategically amalgamated and integrated learning and teaching section which offers high quality Skills Based Qualifications (SBQ’s), Foundation and Preliminary studies.

The programmes provide employment opportunities at entry and para professional levels, pathways for higher studies at USP where approved, and career advancement for working people.

The four learning and teaching units are;

  • College of Business, Tourism & Hospitality
  • College of Arts & Humanities
  • College of Science, Technology & Environment
  • Workforce Development Training Unit (WDTU)

USP Campus, Laucala Bay Road
Suva, Fiji

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Dynasty Tours & Travels

Dynasty Tours & Travels, is an accredited IATA agency with offices in Mumbai, India and Suva, Fiji Islands.

Established in 2000, we offer a broad gamut of travel related services.

Our goal is to ensure an enriched travel experience, efficiently planned and executed itineraries at the best possible prices!

8 Mitchell Street
Suva, Fiji


+679 3316347 (Main)

Fijian Competition & Consumer Commission

Fijian Competition & Consumer Commission

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) is an independent statutory body established under Section 7 of the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission Act 2010 that promotes effective competition and informed markets, encourages fair trading, and protects consumers and businesses from restrictive practices, and controls prices of regulated industries and other markets where competition is lessened or limited.

Ensuring compliance with its regulatory requirements is one of FCCC’s principal objectives. This is achieved through the use of a variety of compliance tools, giving consideration to using the most appropriate tool necessary to obtain compliance, and when required, to promote general deterrence.

42 Gorrie Street
Suva, Fiji


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Carpenters Finance

Carpenters Finance

Carpenters Finance is the Group Financial & Credit Services Division of Carpenters Fiji Limited, which offers competitive consumer finance products to customers of Carpenters giving a significant competitive advantage in the market.

Carpenters Finance has made credit more accessible and affordable through its wide network and presence in all major towns and cities, Fiji-wide.

18 Ellery Street
Suva, Fiji

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Caledonienne Des Eaux – Fiji Branch t/a Suez Fiji

La Calédonienne des Eaux is a subsidiary of the Suez group.

Suez and its subsidiaries are committed to meeting the challenges of preserving resources and protecting ecosystems by providing innovative solutions to millions of people and industries in the fields of drinking water and sanitation. and waste management.

• collection, treatment and distribution of drinking water,
• collection and purification of domestic and industrial water,
• biological and energetic recovery of sludge from purification.

• collection of all types of waste (except radioactive waste ) and urban cleanliness,
• sorting and pre-treatment of waste,
• recycling, material, biological and energy recovery of recoverable waste and disposal by incineration or landfill. for residual waste.

16 St Fort Street,
Suva, Fiji


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Munro Leys

Munro Leys is Fiji’s largest law firm. Our strengths are the skills, integrity and experience of our people, our commitment to quality work and commercial outcomes.

Our lawyers, supported by capable paralegals, accept instructions in all areas of commercial law. Our litigators appear regularly in Fiji’s courts and tribunals at all levels.  Our offshore clients value our local knowledge and the breadth of our reach in the Fiji economy. Our Fiji clients value our appetite for hard questions and the international connections and experience our lawyers can use to solve them.

We have been around a while – more than 140 years, to be exact. We all have diverse roles in Fiji’s public life, in pro bono work and in support of the rule of law in Fiji.  This is our home, we know it well and we are strongly committed to its success.

Level 3, Pacific House, Butt Street
Suva, Fiji


+679 331 4188 (Main)

Talanoa Treks

Talanoa Treks

Fiji is a great place to go hiking and Talanoa Treks is Fiji’s only dedicated hiking company.

We aim to take you off the beaten track, to experience Fiji’s interior – its dramatic peaks, pristine forests, sparkling rivers, remote villages and unique history – and by going on foot you have the opportunity to experience the vibrant traditional culture that runs deep within Fijian society.

We believe in responsible tourism and work in partnership with the communities you visit to reduce the impact and maximise the benefits of your trip. We believe your adventure should be great for you, and great for the communities!

28 Disraeli Rd
Suva, Fiji


+679 998 0560 (Main)

British High Commission

British High Commission

The British High Commission in Fiji maintains and develops relations between the UK and Fiji.

We offer a wide range of services that include providing consular assistance to UK nationals, funding for Projects, scholarships for Master’s degree in the UK and support to members of the British Armed Forces and their families.

47 Gladstone Road
Suva, Fiji

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Embassy of the United States of America, Fiji

Embassy of the United States of America, Fiji

The Pacific islands, and Fiji in particular, offer real potential for U.S. trade and investment, especially in tourism and the sale of consumer goods. One of Embassy Suva’s top priorities is U.S. business promotion. We have a very active Commercial Section, which aggressively seeks to create trade links between U.S. and local companies in the region. This website is especially designed to further those links.

The Embassy’s Consular Section offers a full range of American citizen and visa services for Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, Tuvalu, and the French territories in the South Pacific: French Polynesia, New Caledonia, and Wallis and Futuna. Providing those services in an efficient, courteous, and timely manner is a high mission priority.

The South Pacific, encompassing almost a third of the southern hemisphere, is of importance to U.S. policy, especially in relation to such diverse issues as open sea-lanes, fisheries and the marine environment.

158 Princes Road
Suva, Fiji

+679 331 4466 (Main)

Automated Building Services Limited

Automated Building Services Limited

ABS has Design & Build, Project Management and Service expertise to all aspects of mechanical building services installations.Our qualified, competent and experienced engineers and project managers are conversant with the relevant building codes and Australian/New Zealand Standards.

Automated Building Services delivers high quality building air conditioning & refrigeration services to commercial, industrial and domestic customers throughout the South Pacific including New Zealand. Our people have  impressive track record in the design, installation and commissioning of Mechanical, Hydraulic and Automation Services. We are also a specialist provider of green building solutions.

Lot 19, Wailada Road, Lami
Suva, Fiji

+679 336 3180 (Main)

Australian Trade & Investment Commission (Austrade)

Australian Trade & Investment Commission (Austrade)

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission–Austrade–contributes to Australia’s economic prosperity by helping Australian businesses, education institutions, tourism operators, governments and citizens as they:

  • develop international markets and promote international education
  • win productive foreign direct investment
  • strengthen Australia’s tourism industry
  • seek consular and passport services.

Austrade achieves this by generating market information and insight, promoting Australian capabilities, developing policy, making connections through an extensive global network of contacts, leveraging the badge of government offshore and providing quality advice and services.

Austrade aims to create value for businesses and institutions, in a way that represents a good investment for the taxpayer and meets or exceeds all appropriate standards of ethical behaviour.

Austrade’s role is to advance Australia’s international trade and education, investment, and tourism interests by providing information, advice and services.

Specifically, Austrade:

  • Helps Australian companies to grow their business in international markets, including through administration of the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme and the TradeStart programme, and promotes the Australian education and training sector in international markets.
  • Provides coordinated government assistance to promote, attract and facilitate productive foreign direct investment (FDI) into Australia.
  • Provides advice to the Australian Government on its trade, tourism, international education and training, and investment policy agenda.
  • Develops policy, manages programmes and provides research to strengthen Australia’s tourism industry and to grow Australia’s tourism market share.
  • Delivers Australian consular, passport and other government services in designated overseas locations.

37 Princes Road, Tamavua
Suva, Fiji

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Town House Apartments Hotel

TownHouse, is one of the oldest hotel and apartments in Suva, Fiji Islands, since 1980s till Date. We have recently renovated our hotel and apartments to give our guests that modern layout, to also accomplish this goal we had to re-design our interior with modern furnitures as-well.

TownHouse has a newly built Restaurant & Bar with a more modern feel to it.

46 Gordon Street
Suva, Fiji

3311177 (Office)

Kokomo Island Fiji

Kokomo Island Fiji

Superior design. Untouched beauty. Pure luxury.

Welcome to Kokomo Private Island Fiji, where pristine reefs set the scene for an unrivalled experience. A world away from the world, this is a place where spectacular white sand beaches are yours for the taking, where privacy is paramount, service is superior and you are our priority.

A retreat for families, haven for honeymooners, and paradise for lovers of authentic barefoot experiences. Kokomo Private Island is a place you’ll make memories that last a lifetime.

Yaukuve Island, KadavuFiji


Asco Motors Fiji

Asco Motors Fiji

On November 1st 1998 Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Japan) purchased the remaining 50% of Toyota Tsusho South Pacific Holdings Pty Ltd (TTSPH) from the Burns Philip organization to become the company’s majority shareholder. In Fiji, TTSPH trades under the trading name of Asco Motors and fully supports the Toyota & Yamaha brands.

Toyota Tsusho (South Sea) Limited is publicly listed on the Fijian stock exchange. Asco Motors Fiji operates four branches through out the country, providing motor vehicle support to key Fijian industries such as sugar, tourism, timber and gold mining as well as the Fijian motoring public. The company is a fully integrated supplier of automotive products. Asco Motors markets new Toyota vehicles, quality used vehicles, genuine Toyota parts, and full service and panel facilities. In addition Asco Motors stocks and sells a full range of Yamaha marine products, Bridgestone Tyres, Kobe Batteries & Massey Ferguson Tractors.

Asco Motors has a long term commitment to the Fijian community and it’s people. Employing over 250 mostly Fijian nationals in a wide variety of occupations, Asco Motors has a fully developed training program aimed at continuously improving the skills of its employees.

The company also operates the Avis rent A Car operation. A highly successful, world wide car rental franchise focused upon satisfying all the motoring requirements of tourists and locals alike who rent a motor vehicle within Fiji.

Ratu Mara Road
Suva, Fiji

3384888 ( Office)

WWF South Pacific Programme

WWF South Pacific Programme

The WWF South Pacific Programme Office serves the eastern Melanesian Island countries as part of WWF’s endeavour to work effectively and locally in the region.

The programme is managed from a regional base in Suva, Fiji and organises a strategic series of conservation field projects, policy reviews and campaigns. A local office has also been established in the Cook Islands.

As part of WWF’s cohesive conservation effort in the region, it works closely with the Western Melanesian office located in Papua New Guinea.

Founded: 1990

Projects and Programmes

Sustainable Seafood Programme

An innovative programme focussed on transforming the seafood supply sector, working with a variety of partners along the seafood supply chain to build a firm foudantion for sustainable fisheries. At the community level we engage communities in adopting sustainable fishing practices, exploring value adding of marine resources and promoting the adoption of alternative sources of income to give marine resources a chance to replenish stocks. We also work with major hoteliers, encouraging sustainable seafood menus and with the Fiji Government in employing certification standards for seafood sourcing. Food security for Fijians through a sustainable seafood supply and the reduction of poverty are the main drivers of this programme flagging the concept that sustainable fisheries promote these.

Great Sea Reef Programme

Fiji’s largest reef system, the Great Sea Reef supplies as much as 80% of fish sustaining the domestic fisheries industry, employing hundreds and supporting the livelihoods of as many as 70,000 people living in coastal communities along the length o the reef system. Offering as well recreational pleasures to the tourism sector, the GSR is a strong pillar bolstering the national economy. Protecting this reef system is therefore crucial. The programme looks at practical and transformational ways of affording the GSR protetion, employing a ridge to reef approach, from sustainable landuse practices, influencing green lending policies, and working with the Fijian government for legal protection of this important reef system.

Turtle Programme

Five of the seven known species of turtles migrate through Fiji waters. These ancient wanderers forage and feed and nest in several islands especially along the Great Sea Reef. Since 2010, WWF-Pacific has built a strong network of community based turtle monitors, who were one time hunters of this iconic creature.

Mali Fiji Communuty Development Programme

We are trialling district level qoliqoli management with the people of Mali district in Macuata with the financial support of the Australian Government’s Fiji Community Development Programme. The essence of this programme includes empowering residents of Mali district especially in the four villages Ligaulevu, Vesi, Matailabasa, Nakawaga with the setup of proper governance structures, knowledge of business skills, income management and alternative livelihood sources to alleviate the pressure sustained on marine resources.
Sustainable Sugar Programme

We are working with cane farmers in Labasa, north of Fiji on Vanua Levu to set up model cane farms that adopt best farming practices that reduces chemical and soil runoffs, absorbed by rivers and creeks that wind their way down to sea. These runoffs are seen to be causing harm to reef systems especially the Great Sea Reef. Lessons from these model farms will be shared across the 3,000 strong cane farming community.

4 Ma'afu Street
Suva, Central Fiji



Vatuvara Ltd


Vatuvara Private Islands are idyllically hidden as far off the beaten path as one can imagine. Rising out of the cobalt blue waters of the South Pacific, this breathtaking destination is located in Fiji’s pristine northern Lau waters on Kaibu Island and offers a secluded, unspoiled paradise for the discerning traveler.

Remote and only accessible by the resort’s private airplane, Vatuvara Private Islands can accommodate couples and intimate groups in seclusion and privacy.

The Resort

An all-inclusive haven of indulgence and luxury, Vatuvara Private Islands Resort is the epitome of an exclusive tropical destination. Experience aquamarine lagoons, powder-white sand beaches, tropical vegetation, bountiful organic gardens, dazzling coral reefs, and thriving Fijian fauna.

Encompassed by lush tropical gardens, the villas celebrate Fijian island style. Comfortable one bedroom villas all feature generous en suites, a kitchen, indoor dining and living room area, a dedicated villa spa, tropical courtyard and bionised heated pools, indoor and outdoor showers, outdoor entertaining areas, stocked bar, verandah, complimentary Wi-Fi, satellite TV, air conditioning and ceiling fans.

Accommodation is available for exclusive whole island occupancy or as one of our three villas: Villa Delana, Villa Vatu, Villa Saku

Suva, Central Fiji



Vinod Patel and Co Ltd

Vinod Patel

Vinod Patel & Co. Ltd. is the product of a vision some 50 years ago which eventuated through sheer hardwork and dedication. Today, we boldly stand as a complete home and building solution provider in Fiji and the South Pacific. Our company is proud of the contribution we make to Fiji by investing, creating jobs and providing products that meet the needs of the community.

Our core business through the years has been providing consumers with a complete range of hardware and building materials. We have achieved this with great success. While maintaining this status has by no means been an easy task, the next step is to diversify our portfolio. Currently our modern Centerpoint XL Complex, the comapny’s flagship store, has diversified into a one – stop family shop. Greater product lines have been introduced into the White goods, Homeware, Furniture and an up market Tiles and Sanitary Showroom.

Fiji now boasts a very vibrant and progressive consumer market with major investments within the construction industry. Employment and investor confidence is on the increase and our company is fully geared to accept the challenges ahead.

Vinod Patel & Co Ltd (VPCL) is an established company based in the Fiji Islands. VPCL has been dealing in hardware, retail and export for more than 50 years.

Vinod Patel & Co Ltd offers quality products, reliable service and customized solutions to its customers.

Today VPCL has branches located at all major town and cities, employs over 700 staff and has a product range of more than 30,000 items in hardware, building material, tools, plumbing & sanitaryware, tiles, paints, electrical, homeware & giftware, white goods, furniture & furnishing and industrial equipment.

It is VPCL’s commitment to bring its customers the widest range and the highest quality product at competitive and affordable prices and offer a “ complete Home & Building Solution”

18 Ackland Street
Suva, Central Fiji