USP: School of Tourism & Hospitality Management

The University of the South Pacific (USP) School of Tourism & Hospitality Management (STHM)

The University of the South Pacific (USP) School of Tourism & Hospitality Management (STHM) is an international model for innovative teaching and research with an accomplished faculty who are world-class, expert practitioners.

Their real-world experience is presented through a dynamic curriculum based on core values that examine key issues and trends in the industry.

Our tourism and hospitality management programmes bring together current and future industry leaders in hospitality, tourism, destination and sustainable tourism development.

In collaboration with industry experts, our programmes are designed to provide students with the strategic skills and vision to address challenges in the workplace across these industries worldwide.

Our programme could be your perfect launch pad for a great career in tourism and hospitality.

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management offers the following programmes at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level:

  • Certificate in Hotel Management,
  • Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality,
  • Diploma in Hotel Management,
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management;
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism & Hospitality Management;
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management;
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (Tourism and Hospitality Management);
  • Master of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality Management; and
  • PhD programmes in tourism and hospitality-related studies.

Importantly, the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management’s academic programmes are fully accredited by the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE). THE-ICE is an Australian-based accreditation agency, specialising in the accreditation of higher education programmes in tourism, hospitality and events at a range of top quality institutions around the world. Its focus is on ensuring institutions and degree programmes are quality driven to strong standards of excellence.

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management aims to excel as a globally accomplished centre of expertise in tourism and hospitality management, maintaining a distinguished profile in education, training, professional practice and research.

Our Mission

The mission of the school is four-fold:

  1. To equip students and trainees with the necessary professional skills and academic knowledge to be accomplished practitioners and scholars.
  2. To produce high quality research and publication outputs which specialize in advancing the constructive role of tourism and hospitality in the development of the Pacific region, and other regions and locales.
  3. To provide professional expertise and advice concerning the management and development of the tourism and hospitality industries, as well as sustaining a productive relationship with industry stakeholders.
  4. To foster knowledge and skills in the ethical use of tourism and hospitality resources, and to centralize innovation and entrepreneurship as core objectives of the work of the school.

STHM programmes are designed to encourage you to understand the nature, development and importance of international tourism, and its impact on South Pacific states.It does not provide a vocational qualification, but you gain skills in tourism management, marketing and business operations and are also encouraged to develop skills in oral and written presentation.

Studying tourism and hospitality at STHM can lead to successful careers in many different sectors of the industry. These can include: hotel management, marketing, human resource management, wedding planning, front office and reservations, event management, convention and meeting management, food and beverage management, tour guiding and interpretation, research and education, resource management and tourism planning.

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management office is located at the Laucala campus, Faculty of Business and Economics Annex.

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