Boeing experts to investigate flight incident

Fiji Times Monday 16 October 2017  EXPERTS from Boeing have been called in to investigate what transpired on Fiji Airways flight FJ822 and the events that led to the depressurisation of the Boeing 737-700 aircraft on October 10.

Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji CEO, Netava Waqa, said the event was serious in nature and required specialists from the manufacturer to determine what went wrong.

“Every event such as this is serious to us, but we will await the full report by Boeing and the investigation they will carry out to identify what went wrong,” he said.

“We rely on them as the manufacturer because they will have the expertise beyond normal operations and in this case, failure of redundancies.”

The redundancies Mr Waqa was referring to are the backup systems that allow cabin pressure to be maintained at a comfortable level during high altitude flights.  Read more…