Westpac Donation Helps Oncology Ward

Westpac Donation Helps Oncology Ward

2 March 2023: The Oncology Ward at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWM) has received a donation worth $4,000 from the Westpac Fiji team – via the Suva Cancer Survivors Association. The donation allowed the association to purchase two leather recliner chairs, two dozen warm blankets and duvets and two side tables for patients undergoing chemotherapy. The donation was raised by Westpac staff and a matching contribution by Westpac Fiji during Pinktober and Movember last year and is one of three donations given to cancer charities across Fiji.

Formed in December 2021, the Suva Cancer Survivors Association provides an inclusive social club for female cancer survivors from Sigatoka to Natovi. Both men and women are fully supported in the Oncology and Chemotherapy Wards at the CWM Hospital with chemo lollies, cancer turbans, water and magazines.

Westpac Fiji Chief Executive, Shane Smith said, “At Westpac, lending a hand and helping the community is in our DNA and we’re certainly committed to doing our part in the fight against cancer. We’re happy to have worked in partnership with the Suva Cancer Survivors Association and encourage others to help wherever they can. We hope our donation will help make the journey more bearable for cancer patients and their loved ones.”

President of the Suva Cancer Survivors Association, Salote Qalo said the donation was timely and practical. She explained, “We’re always visiting the team at the Oncology Ward and last year we asked them what they needed for their patients; that’s where we got our list from for recliner chairs and blankets. At the same time, I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Westpac Pinktober function and after my talk, I had a chat with the Westpac team to see how they could assist and I am so happy I did.”

“Patients who undergo chemotherapy receive their treatment in a room where the air conditioning is usually turned up so high so the blankets help keep them warm. Previously, before the recliner chairs were donated, they used to use beds for patients but now those can be freed up for other wards to use.”

Qalo reiterated that the Association advocates for patient comfort and continues to help by speaking to donors for their support. At a recent visit she was pleased to receive feedback that the patients are very grateful for the donation and are using them during their treatments.