Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited (WRFL)- Recycling commitment and solution for the tourism sector

Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited (WRFL)- Recycling commitment and solution for the tourism sector

Waste Recyclers (Fiji) Pte Limited (WRFL) has been dedicated to providing the services of a sustainable recycling solution to Fiji for over 26 years, making us Fiji’s oldest and most experienced in the field of waste management. This is achieved through a holistic approach to prudent recycling measures which reduces the number of waste recyclables being burnt, buried and dumped in our landfills, which have a huge negative impact on our carbon footprint.

WRFL is a locally-led organization and it places a lot of value in local ownership of the environment.

Through years of experience, we have seen the importance of fostering relations with communities to ensure that solutions to waste recycling are cultural, socio-economic and ecologically sound.

We collect a wide range of products including plastic (several types), PET bottles, glass bottles, ink cartages, cardboard, paper and many more.

And it has not stopped there

WRFL prides itself with the objective to serve as an active voice for change in waste management and advocating on the importance of why we should recycle. We align our work with social justice elements by assisting our informal waste pickers, village-based communities and marginalized groups with economic empowerment to support their household.

We have gone to the extent of developing our informal waste pickers to be more resilient in the work they do which has provided job security, economic empowerment and a shift from an informal setting to what they call home. WRFL believes that our informal waste pickers play a very crucial role in the development of a more impregnable recycling solution for every Fijian.

WRFL is driven by the fact that recycling is not just about ensuring the longevity of our exhausted landfills or the prevention of increasing pollution to our rivers and coastal areas but because it is THE RIGHT THING TO DO! We all need to start thinking that way, then and only will we have a culture of recycling across the board.

Our outlook for recycling at the Resorts

“I- Recycle Hub”- within large hotels and resorts

One of the many projects WRFL is working on is the establishment of an “I- Recycle Hub” this is a mini-recycling set-up ideal for large resorts and hotels whose volume on recyclables would require their own station on-premises to ensure that recyclables are sorted on sight.

The “I- Recycle Hub” will act as the main collection point for all recyclable waste streams.

Some unique features that come with the “I- Recycle Hub”:

  • Data Collection on recyclables: component that records the volume of waste recyclables produced by the resort or hotel on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This allows the establishment to use that information to better plan or develop policies which assists in the sustainability of the hotel or resort.
  • Product Tracking- component whereby resorts will have excess to evidence of the journey of a particular recyclable either through value add and shipped to recycling facilities, locally recycled or upcycled.
  • Added feature to the resorts- component that will ensure that the set-up, while practical and operational, also adds value to the resort’s presentation and commitment to recycling. The concept promotes that recycling should not be a “back-yard” and hidden away aspect of our lives. Custom-build, color coordinated frames concepts are currently under design.

WRFL “I- Recycle Hub” will be the first of its kind in Fiji and the Pacific region providing a platform that provides a comprehensive recycling solution. Not only will the Hub provide an interesting feature but it will enable a sense of ownership among the resort and hotel staff to be more recycle conscious and therefore take the practice home causing a ripple effect that could see Fijians taking a lead in proper recycling management.

Due to the effects of COVID-19 on our tourism industry the “I- Recycle Hub” implementation would be anywhere between December 2021 to February 2022. With the opening of international borders schedule for the 1st of December. WRFL is expecting recyclable waste streams to increase across our hotels and resorts that have decided to open their doors.

With other resorts and hotels

For those hotels and resorts where volume of recyclables might be lower or have space issues, we will continue with our current method of engagement and establish recycling collection systems if not already in place.

While everyone gears up for the Christmas holidays, and reopening of schools, WRFL encourages more dialogue and efforts towards incorporating recycling in our daily practice and to be Resilient, Enriched, Conscious, Yearning, Committed in the Longevity of our Environment.

Link to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IRECYCLEFIJI


For any further information, please call us on 9921067, 9921046, 3361055, 6668795 or email our Corporate Relations Officer- John Wilson: corporate@wasterecyclers.com.fj