REPORT: FBoS Tourism Earnings – June 2019 (2nd Quarter)

The Fiji Bureau of Statistics has released the Tourism Earnings Report for the second quarter of 2019.

Some highlights from the report:

  • June Quarter Tourism Earnings has experienced a positive growth of 10.1% compared to the 2018 June Quarter, moreso higher than the March Quarter of 2019.
  • Major changes in earnings recorded by Australia (up by 6.5%), NZ (up by 10.6%), USA (up by 24.4%) and China (down by 0.9%).
  • The mentioned countries accounted for 81.6% of earnings in the June quarter of 2019, a decrease of 0.5% when compared to the June quarter of 2018.
  • With regards to source market spending trends, Australian visitors accounted for 40.2% of total arrivals to Fiji and 43.13% of total spending by visitors in June 2019

View the full report here.