Mamanuca Islands launches new brand

Mamanuca Islands launches new brand

Raffe Hotels & Resorts, 04 February 2020 – The Mamanuca Islands Chapter of the Fiji Hotels & Tourism Association (MFHTA) is excited to launch its new branding for the Mamanuca Islands region.

The new Mamanuca Islands brand includes a striking new logo which incorporates the essence of the region – the turquoise, crystal-clear ocean and waves that lap against the shores of each of their islands.

As part of the re-branding process, MFHTA has also built a stunning new website that captures the Unique Selling Proposition of the region and showcases all the Resorts, Day-trip operators and transportation companies that operate in the region.

“As a region we are incredibly excited to re-launch the Mamanuca Islands brand” says Akshay Singh, Head of the Marketing Committee of MFHTA. “All the operators in the region are so passionate and dedicated to promoting the region, now they will have world-class brand assets to support their promotional efforts.”

The new Mamanuca Islands website can be found at