Fiji Immigration Policy Change Regarding Work Permits

Fiji Immigration Policy Change Regarding Work Permits

As of 16 January 2018, the Fiji Immigration Department will no longer accept the following applications:

  • Short term work permit application – a permit given to an applicant for a term up to six months where the employer can show that the applicant’s expertise and knowledge is required urgently in Fiji; and
  • Extension of 14-day business visa – an extension of up to three (3) months granted by operation of Section 9 (2) (c) of the Immigration Act 2003.

The change in Fiji Immigration policy is as follows:

Fiji Immigration no longer allows further extensions past the maximum 12 weeks (3 months) to the 14 days Business Visa/Permit. This means that you can still come in on a Business Visa for 14 days and apply for the once -only extension of 3 months while you’re here. The applicant must produce a confirmed return ticket, certified copies of their passport(s) (bio-data page), evidence of sufficient funds for ones upkeep whilst in the country, and if approval is granted, the actual passport(s). The requisite fee is FJ$180 and the processing time for a business permit will be three working days. Once the 12 weeks/3months visa expires, the applicant must leave the country.

Those who intend to come to Fiji for work for terms up to or less than one year must apply for a Work Permit (formerly known as a Short Term Work Permit or STP) before entering Fiji. For these applicants, the only exception to the requirements is that there will be no need to advertise the position or pay a bond. However, the applicant must produce a return ticket and the processing time for a permit with a term of up to one year will be ten (10) working days. If you will require a further extension past the one year, it may be possible for the applicant to apply for an extension without having to leave the country. This extension application must be submitted at least 30 days PRIOR to the expiry of the applicant’s current work permit.

For work permit terms longer than 12 months, the position will need to be advertised and police and medical reports must be included with the application. There has not been any change to this permit which is usually referred to as a Long term Work Permit (LTWP) but is referred to by Immigration Fiji as a “Work Permit for Non-Citizen Skilled Contracted Workers” or “Time Post”. First time applications must be submitted while the applicant is out of the country and the processing time-frame of 21 days applies. Further extensions are only up to a maximum 3 years while the applicant is still in the country but must be submitted 30 days before the expiry of their current work permit. The only exception for an extension of the long term work permit is that you will not be required to re-submit a medical report. However, you will need to submit a FRCS Tax Compliance Certificate with the further extension application. This can usually be provided by FRCS within a day if you have met the Fijian tax requirements. Once the 3 year permit has expired, the applicant must leave the country. Any intention to extend their term past the 3 years requires the applicant to reapply for the appropriate Work Permit, depending on how long their term will be, from outside Fiji.

Please ensure documents are securely clipped together to avoid loose papers getting lost and we recommend a copy of all documents is retained by you. Applications are NOT submitted for the approval process if documents are still pending. If you add a required document later, the application time frame starts from THAT new date.

To ensure that all documents are submitted and there are no delays with your applications, FHTA has put together the attached checklist for Members to follow and check off.

Should you not hear back from the Immigration Department within the required time frames, do contact us with a copy of the receipt that clearly notes the lodgement date and application number.

Upload: Fiji Immigration Work Permits Application Checklist