Fiji Airways & Fiji Link Travel Alert #2 – Tropical Cyclone Mona

Fiji Airways & Fiji Link Travel Alert #2 – Tropical Cyclone Mona

Issued: 4 January 2019


Due to impending adverse weather conditions associated with Tropical Cyclone Mona, the following Fiji Airways and Fiji Link flights for Saturday January 5 have been cancelled in the interest of safety. If your flight is listed below, Fiji Airways and Fiji Link Reservations will contact you by email, SMS, or phone call (on the provided contact details in your booking) to advise you of the changes. You may call Fiji Airways Reservations Centre if you have not been contacted. Affected customers will be booked on the next available service which will be confirmed once weather conditions improve.

Up-to-date flight schedules can be found on the Flight Status tab on our home page or on the Fiji Airways Travel App.

Cancelled Flights for Saturday January 5, 2019:

Flight Number      From-To
FJ 281                         Suva-Funafuti
FJ 280                        Funafuti-Suva
FJ 31                           Labasa-Suva
FJ 32                           Suva-Labasa
FJ 35                           Labasa-Suva
FJ 36                          Suva-Labasa
FJ 37                          Labasa-Suva
FJ 38                         Suva-Labasa
FJ 81                          Nadi-Labasa
FJ 84                         Labasa-Nadi
FJ 103                       Nadi-Savusavu
FJ 104                       Savusavu-Nadi
FJ 109                       Nadi-Savusavu
FJ 110                       Savusavu-Nadi
FJ 121                       Nadi-Taveuni
FJ 124                       Taveuni-Suva
FJ 125                      Suva-Taveuni
FJ 126                      Taveuni-Nadi
FJ 127                      Nadi-Taveuni
FJ 128                      Taveuni-Nadi
FJ 150                      Taveuni-Nadi
FJ 151                       Nadi-Taveuni
FJ 152                      Taveuni-Nadi
FJ 153                      Nadi-Taveuni
FJ 156                      Savusavu-Nadi
FJ 157                      Nadi-Savusavu
FJ 158                      Savusavu-Nadi
FJ 159                      Nadi-Savusavu

Fiji Airways Reservations Contacts:

Please expect extended waiting times due to increased call volumes during this period.
Calling from Fiji: +679 672 0888 or +679 330 4388.