FHTA Welcomes Announcement of Vancouver Route

FHTA Welcomes Announcement of Vancouver Route

FHTA 6 July 2022 – The Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) warmly welcomes the announcement of the NAN-YVR route by Fiji Airways.

The Association is excited to see plans to increase routes or seat capacity by the national carrier as this means more opportunities to further develop or grow existing and new markets.

Canada and specifically Vancouver have a sizable Fijian diaspora and many of them will be keen to reunite with family and friends here soon.

The addition of this new route shows the airline and the Government’s confidence in how Fiji’s tourism revival has successfully tracked post-pandemic.

The anticipated increase in arrivals means that tourism workers will continue to be in demand as tourism stakeholders continue to work collectively to reinvigorate the job market while addressing the current skill gaps in the industry that have been exacerbated by the labour mobility movement in the Pacific and newly increasing COVID positivity cases.

Subsequently, FHTA has been strongly advocating for continued heightened COVID safety practices and for eligible adults to receive their vaccine boosters.

The industry can then ensure increasing visitor numbers stay on track, particularly when Fiji Airways is taking the necessary bold steps to boost tourism numbers as well as increase cargo opportunities with more flights and routes.