FHTA HR Forum 2022

FHTA HR Forum 2022

FHTA 5 July 2022 – The Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) held a successful HR Forum on Friday 1 July 2022 with prominent Employment Law specialist Jon Apted.

This was held at the Tanoa International Hotel, Nadi Fiji and supported by BSP Life.

Attendees to the Forum were not limited to the tourism sector but also included Human Resource executives from NGOs, retailers and consultants.

Mr Apted discussed ‘Managing Contracts & Employment Grievances’ and ‘Sexual Harassment in the Workplace’; topics of increased interest with HR practitioners that were recognised as requiring wider awareness and understanding by the Association.

FHTA Chief Executive Officer Fantasha Lockington advised that the Association was aiming to make the event an annual fixture based on extremely positive feedback from forum attendees.

“Selecting relevant and topical themes for a forum like this gives HR professionals in tourism and other related industries the opportunity to increase awareness of issues requiring sensitivity and empathy, which can, in turn, provide a better understanding of how these fit into the legal framework of effective human resource management and good industrial relations,” she says.

“There is a growing acceptance that as our workforces evolve, so too must workplace HR practices. We must catch up or lose staff, productivity, and even money on expensive conflict resolution.”

The Forum also provided attendees with a specific opportunity to network with their peers.