FHTA Member Update on MSAF Survey Certificates

FHTA Member Update on MSAF Survey Certificates
FHTA has been meeting with senior management at MSAF to discuss 2 issues regarding tourism vessel certificates that have been difficult to obtain quickly resulting in tourism businesses being affected, with the following positive outcomes:
1. For the usual annual renewal of the Coastal Trade License (CTL) that is often difficult to get approved sign-off for, FHTA has requested MSAF and the Ministry of Transport to consider including tourism vessels for extended validity periods for this license in a similar manner to the current consideration for commercial passenger franchises. In this respect, FHTA has requested that CTL’s be considered for a period of 5 years.
  •  MSAF has confirmed that they are looking into the required legislation changes for 5 year CTL licenses for tourism purposes
  • This would only apply to vessels that are less than 20 years old
  •  Safety inspections would still continue to take place, as required annually
FHTA will provide an update on this legislation once confirmed and understand that this process has commenced.
2. For the late provision of Safety Inspection Certificates which required on a 6 month basis, FHTA has requested that MSAF and the Ministry for Transport consider an annual (2 month) license validity period and requested the provision of Interim Certificates to ensure tourism vessels could continue to get insurance protection and cover without interruption to tourism businesses.
  •  MSAF has agreed to provide Interim Certificates immediately after an approved inspection, pending the confirmation by the Senior Surveyor
  •  Members are reminded that it is a mandatory requirement to provide your vessel’s ownership documents for every inspection to avoid delays
  • This will only be for on-going safety inspections and not for vessels that have just entered service or are brand new
  •  A copy of the inspection certificate may be obtained by the owner of the vessel with the Interim Certificate for the purposes of complying with insurance requirements and/or renewing insurance cover
  • The Interim Certificate will be valid for 1 month. It is the responsibility of the vessel owner to get the final Inspection Certificate before the end of the 1 month validity period
  •  Senior Surveyor contact: Pene Manueli 9904524, pmanueli@msaf.com.fj
  •  Contact for certificate issuance status : Iliseva Karusi (PA to MSAF CEO) 3315266, ikarusi@msaf.com.fj
3. Insurance agencies and the Insurance Association of Fiji has confirmed that Interim Certificates are acceptable for insurance cover validity
  • A copy of the Inspection Report is required by insurance agents with the copy of the Interim Certificate
Please feel free to contact the Secretariat if you have any queries or require further follow up, but do ensure you have provided ALL the required documentation to MSAF beforehand.
MSAF’s list of requirements can be accessed  HERE.