World Oceans Day: What can be done to improve the health of our seas?

World Oceans Day: What can be done to improve the health of our seas?

Ocean restoration is key
The wellbeing of humanity relies on the wellbeing of the planet. The list of challenges we collectively face can feel endless. The list of solutions addressing climate change, however, is steadily growing, and we may have to look no further than the waters surrounding us.

Our oceans need protection. We must eliminate the eight million pieces of daily plastic waste polluting our waterways by pursuing the long-term solution: prevention. But we wouldn’t be telling the whole story without addressing the fact that ocean restoration will unlock a natural means to mitigate humanity’s excessive carbon footprint and empower climate action.

The power of a common rock to capture 1GT of carbon every year
I believe in big, bold ideas that are based in nature and backed by science. I believe each one of us is the solution. This is why, for the past 10 years, I’ve worked with the TreadRight Foundation to share the sustainable travel initiatives it supports worldwide. Two of the latest projects are marine-based carbon removal solutions, chosen for the way they support TTC’s Climate Action Plan.

TreadRight’s first carbon removal partner is Project Vesta. They are exploring the natural power of the ocean as a carbon sink, while also tackling the problem of ocean acidification. The organisation is on a mission to harness the natural power of the oceans to remove a trillion tonnes of excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.