Warwick Fiji Reopens its Doors

Warwick Fiji Reopens its Doors

WHR 9 October 2020

On Friday 9 October, Warwick Fiji reopened its doors to domestic guests. In attendance was their chief guest was the Minister of Tourism as well as Warwick Fiji’s Senior Vice President WHR / Executive Director – PACIFIC and member of the Tourism Fiji Executive board Ms Tammie Tam.

Warwick Fiji General Manager Marco Saxer thanked all invited guests with a special mention for the Government of Fiji for the Care Fiji App initiative and Tourism Fiji for running the ‘Love our Locals campaign’ which has sparked a great interest to all hotels along the coral coast especially the Warwick Groups.

“This is indeed an important occasion for all of us during this unprecedented event as it encourages us to show that we will rise again. From the time we were close we were closely monitoring the COVID-19 cases with the local health departments and also ensuring that we get all our safety procedures in place so we can give our guest the confidence to stay at our resort,” he said.

When guests check into Warwick Fiji over the next few weeks and months, they will notice a number of additions to the resort area designed to set an even higher standard of cleanliness for the hotel.

“Specific area of focus includes: Surface Areas and Public Spaces, Guest Contact and Food Safety,” he added

“As we welcome you back to Warwick Fiji, we are committed to providing you with our Safety measures that align with some of the World health protocols to defeat COVID-19. Consisting of in-house and outside also with food and water safety, hygiene and infection prevention, and hotel operations.”

The Warwick Fiji Housekeeping department is redefining their cleaning and safety standards. They will actively monitor and evolve their solutions to ensure a continued focus on the health and safety of the guests and staff.

Mr Saxer said that “Today we are happy to stand up again to our commitment to our guest to show them the value and trust that they need which is most critical than ever. This commitment allowing our guest to stay in a safe environment that aligns with our safety protocol.”