VotCity Flea Market is a beacon of hope

VotCity Flea Market is a beacon of hope

Fijivillage 18 August 2020 – The VotCity Flea Market which started with only two vendors on 18th April, has now grown to be a beacon of hope for about 215 more families who have lost their jobs in Nadi after COVID-19.

VotCity Flea Market is located in Votualevu and is open from 7 am to 5.30 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Markets Manager Vili Finau says the locals have been inspired to be entrepreneurial during this challenging time.

Finau says with the introduction of the VotCity Flea Market, people who are unemployed in the tourism industry took advantage of this platform and saw it as a blessing.

He says most of the people who are coming to sell are airline crew who were recently terminated and a wide range of the working population who have lost their jobs.