TTA Welcomes First Flight into Taveuni

TTA Welcomes First Flight into Taveuni

TTA 02 Dec 2021 – Today Taveuni gladly welcomed travellers back to the Garden Island and the Taveuni Tourism Association was there to greet them.

5 travellers disembarked from the Fiji Link flight this morning to serenading and big Bula welcome from TTA Members.

TTA President, Terri Gortan, officially welcomed visitors with a short welcome speech and the opportunity to be the islands first official tree-planters for the Islands new Trees For Taveuni Project.

The TTA is proud to support Robert Glowatzki, Director of YANUYANU PTE LTD, a local organic farm and food production company based on Taveuni Island.

Robert and his teams are the brains and sweat behind this carbon offset scheme and together with the TTA and the local villages the goal is to help in the effort to reduce the carbon footprint of tourism to the island and in the reforestation of degraded farmland.

“It is our hope to get the new Trees For Taveuni Project started in full force in 2022′ Terri Gortan advised. “We will do our best to encourage all TTA members to assist with this exciting project to help offset carbon while making our Island even more beautiful. This project will no doubt help attract more travellers to visit Taveuni and help support our Island and local communities at the same time. This is what the TTA is all about – encouraging Tourism to Taveuni” Gortan stated.

The TTA and its members are looking forward to welcoming more travellers over the following weeks leading up to a busy Christmas and New Year Festive Season.