Tourism Support for Government’s ‘No Jab No Job’ Requirement

Tourism Support for Government’s ‘No Jab No Job’ Requirement

The Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) is buoyed and supportive of Government’s recent announcement on the vaccination requirement.

The announcement supports the tourism industry’s reasoning that with vaccinated staff and therefore safer workplaces, we keep our people, our communities and our customers safe.

FHTA has maintained this industry-supported stance since vaccines were first approved to protect the populace from this virus and its variants and our members remain keen to support the logistical efforts of getting our staff fully vaccinated, with many tourism operators already confirming fully vaccinated staff numbers.

While initially proposing policy requirements to support tourism industry employers requiring vaccinations as a safety measure, the recently announced mandatory requirement has been welcomed by the Association as this will simplify the process.

FHTA Chief Executive Officer, Fantasha Lockington said “Fijis tourism industry has been at forefront of adapting to new COVID-safe protocols and the pro-vaccination efforts by encouraging staff to be vaccinated through providing clear communication and vaccine information support. We urge all eligible citizens regardless of employment status to get vaccinated in the national interest”.

FHTA reiterates tourism’s full support for the current vaccination exercise being undertaken around the country, reflected in the west having the highest uptake of vaccines so far with 67% having received their first jabs and 15% their second jabs.

The Association continues to actively campaign for its members and is optimistic that with more employers supporting the need for vaccinations to keep the Fijian population safer, more people will soon be able to confidently focus on safer business activities.