Tourism Fiji Applauds Fijians on Vaccination Rates, as We Push Towards Reopening

Tourism Fiji Applauds Fijians on Vaccination Rates, as We Push Towards Reopening

Nadi 24 August 2021 – As part of preparations for re-opening Fiji, Tourism Fiji has launched a new initiative to encourage all Fijians to be ready for travel to resume when restrictions are lifted.

It’s a simple message but an important one – “It’s our best shot at travel: get vaccinated and get ready.” The message will be shared across Tourism Fiji’s digital channels globally and locally. It will also be shared with the Fijian Tourism Industry so they too can encourage Fijians to support the tourism industry by continuing to get vaccinated and being ready to re-open.

“As an industry, we are at our best when we align to a clear message. We’ve done so well this far! And this initiative gives our tourism businesses the tools they need to encourage every Fijian to continue to show up and get vaccinated. Not only does this help get our tourism industry ready to re-open, but it will also allow Fijians to explore more of Fiji once our domestic tourism product opens again,” said Brent Hill, Tourism Fiji CEO.

With over 92% of our target population receiving their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 40% now fully vaccinated, Fiji is making significant progress towards its goals. Every jab makes a difference and brings Fiji one step closer to its goal of once again welcoming guests to our Islands.

“We are at a crossroads of a new age of travel and tourism where resumption of international travel is pinned on a silver bullet – COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccinating our target population not only ensures we keep our communities safe, but we are ready to welcome the world back and get Fijians back to the jobs they love,” said Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport, Hon. Faiyaz Koya.

Tourism Fiji stands in solidarity with their counterparts in Australia and around the world who are also sharing this same message and share the message across Fiji. Tourism Australia Managing Director Phillipa Harrison said, “this is a rallying cry for our industry. Vaccination is key to Australia and the tourism industry opening up again,” – a message endorsed by Tourism Fiji. Let’s get the jab done!