Tourism Fiji Announces Next Phase of BULANAIRES Program

Tourism Fiji Announces Next Phase of BULANAIRES  Program

Tourism Fiji: Nadi 28 November 2019 – Tourism Fiji is excited to announce the next phase of its ‘BULANAIRES’ program, following the successful launch of the campaign on 20 March 2019 to mark the International Day of Happiness.

What is a Bulanaire? Simply put – a Bulanaire is a person who is rich in happiness.

On the International Day of Happiness on 20 March 2019 Tourism Fiji released an inaugural Bulanaires list that featured a selection of local and international personalities who were rich in happiness. The campaign generated an incredible 39 million engagements across our international markets, demonstrating the effectiveness of its unique messaging.

In 2020 Tourism Fiji is building upon this success by expanding the program across Fiji’s tourism sector to find more Bulanaires and through them develop more content for the destination that will inspire more people to come and visit Fiji.

Tourism Fiji Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Matthew Stoeckel said, “We believe our Bulanaires program provides a unique, ownable position for Fiji that represents the true character of the destination. Importantly it profiles the incredible warm hospitality of our tourism industry which makes us such an appealing destination to visit. We are confident that the next phase of the campaign will continue to go a long way in attracting more people to come and visit Fiji to experience the place where happiness finds you for themselves” he said.

For the next phase of this program, Tourism Fiji has extended an invitation to Fiji’s tourism operators to nominate a member of their team to be Bulanaires and participate directly in the campaign.

The selected Bulanaires will then work with Tourism Fiji to help share the ‘Bula Spirit’ with the world and reinforce why Fiji is the place where happiness finds you.

To find out more about the Bulanaires program or if you would like to nominate a Bulanaire, visit