The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa Talks about Pinktober, Breast Cancer Awareness and the Pink Passport

The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa Talks about Pinktober, Breast Cancer Awareness and the Pink Passport

Nadi, Fiji ­ – ­October 21, 2020-

Marriott International Fiji Resorts continues to support the well-being of its associates through continuing initiatives like the ‘Pink Passport’ and the recently launched meQuilibrium platform. Launched last year, the ‘Pink Passport’ a small booklet given to all female associates and it is used to keep track of their breast examination either done at the local hospital or at the hotel.  This process can contribute to early detection of breast cancer and other related infections. As associates at the Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa celebrated Pinktober on Wednesday, they were sentimental listening to the multiple presenters talk about Breast Cancer Awareness and Pinktober.

“Breast cancer was largely spoken about behind closed doors, not something that people acknowledged in public, women had very little support and there was little understanding of the emotional ramifications of the disease as well as the emotional trauma that one would lose a breast or two in some cases both, therefore many women suffered in silence which they sometimes considered a shame”, commented Neeraj Chadha, Multi-Property Vice President Marriott International Fiji & Samoa, General Manager Sheraton & Westin Hotels. “The commitment in raising awareness by the Fiji Cancer Society is commendable and we certainly thank them for this and certainly help the Fijians turning an eye to better awareness. Marriott International in Fiji has made a commitment towards the welfare of its associates and support towards Pinktober. Pink Passport has launched just over a year ago, and this is to help our associates keep a better track of their health and most recently we have launched meQuilibrium program. This is an app associates download which helps with stress management especially during these times.”

The year 2020 has ushered in a time of much uncertainty. COVID-19 has brought significant threats to the normal way of life – physically, emotionally, economically – and, sadly, a steady increase in mental health concerns. The recently launched meQuilibrium program is a proven stress management platform. The app allows associates to discover simple techniques to manage stressful thoughts and situations. The scientifically proven tool uses behavioural psychology, neuroscience, and analytics to help associates strengthen their resilience. Marriott International has partnered with the team at New Life Solution, Inc to help associates improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Speaking at the event were Dr. Zen Low from Zen’s Clinic, Margie Erbsleben representing the Fiji Cancer Society and Jessica Bale, a cancer patient carer.

As a carer, Jessica Bale emotionally spoke of how difficult it was for her mentally to come in terms of the demise of her father recently from prostate cancer who had been suffering for over two years and was in the late stages.

“As a family member it is quite hard to accept and take in. His first diagnosis was back in 2015 and however in 2008 he used to complain of backaches which we thought that it was probably a strain. We looked at the internet for remedies and get his back problem solved” said Jessica Bale, a cancer patient carer. “However, we did not get him to go the doctor back then but when my mum called and told me back in 2015 that he had prostate cancer; I thought my family member wouldn’t get it. We hear about it but do not think that it’s real. It was very hard to accept it had affected my dad. I was emotionally exhausted and distraught. I encourage everyone to go out there and get tested. It is better to know in the early stages.”

The event was made possible through associates who volunteered their hours to make this event possible through extra efforts led by the dynamic human resources team.

Associates are encouraged to take a daily serving of salad in the Bula Bistro (associate cafeteria) as part of healthy eating.

Marriott International prides itself on the philosophy of its founder, J. W. Marriott which is “Take care of associates and they will take care of the customers”.  Thus, the health, safety and wellbeing are paramount at Marriott International. The wellbeing – including mental and emotional wellness – is so important for associates to feel their best.