Taveuni Dateline Handicraft Market Opening

Taveuni Dateline Handicraft Market Opening

The Taveuni Tourism Association (TTA) is delighted to announce the opening of a new handicraft market in Taveuni. The Taveuni Dateline Handicraft Market has been established by Susanne Neli and her family with the help of the TTA and is located at the International Dateline in Waiyevo.

The new handicraft market was officially launched on Wednesday, 27th April by Susanne Neli, Mere Marama and Mili Lewatoga and will initially be open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week – they hope to extend the days open once business increases. The International Dateline is open 7 days a week for visitors and if the market is not set up, visitors are welcome to speak to one of the ladies if they would like to make any purchases. The market can also be opened for large groups if pre-arranged.

Locally-crafted fans, masi, sulus and jewellery are being showcased at the Market and are available to be purchased by visitors. Other family members Lora Ruci, Laisani Maivaleova and Loraini Koso have been busy making crafts ready for the opening yesterday.

TTA President, Terri Gortan, said “the TTA is delighted to support this new handicraft market in Taveuni. It’s a great opportunity for our local women to show their creative skills and to display their crafts”.

The TTA extends a warm welcome to everyone to come and support the market and share the news that the Taveuni Dateline Handicraft Market is up and running.