Tavarua Island resort starts project to conserve clams

Tavarua Island Resort

FBC News Sunday 18 June 2017  The Tavarua Island Resort has embarked on a project to conserve giant clams locally known as Vasua. The Resort has established a Mini Hatchery project where they will breed clams in order to re-populate the reefs. This is a first such facility in Fiji situated outside the Makogai Island. The Resort Management has received assistance from the Fisheries Ministry officials for the project which has cost around twenty-thousand dollars. Fisheries Minister, Semi Koroilavesau, says the project coincides with the pledges undertaken to save our ocean. “Our local people for too long have never really been informed on the issues in regards to policing. If you look we have subsistence living lifestyle and basically whatever we collect from the ocean or within the land it is what we consume daily.” The mini-hatchery will be another tourist attraction as Tavarua Island is famously known for surfing.