Staff at Challenge Plaza in Nadi Choose to Challenge this International Women’s Day

Staff at Challenge Plaza in Nadi Choose to Challenge this International Women’s Day

Nadi, March 8, 2021 – Staff of Tourism Fiji and fellow tenants at the Challenge Plaza Complex in Namaka, Nadi gathered today to mark International Women’s Day. The event allowed the women to share their experiences, unique challenges, and support for each other as working women.

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8 to observe women in leadership roles and their contribution to cultural, political, social and economic development.

Speaking at the event this morning was Catherine O’Donnell, owner of the popular western eatery, Mama’s Pizza, who said 2020 was a tough year for the business but that their local customers have kept them going.

In recalling fond memories of her single mum opening up the business back in 1984, Catherine said her mother’s passion and hard work contributed to the success of the business.

She explained, “My mum’s hard work got the business to where it is today, for the first four years she didn’t take a day off. I remember growing up in the business and pitching in where I could whether it was washing dishes or cleaning, it was very much a family affair.”

When asked how the pandemic had impacted the business she said, “It is essential, in challenging times, to stay consistent and be positive – that’s what we’ve done.”

Her one advice to women on International Women’s Day was to challenge themselves to take some time off and to try and keep a positive mindset.

“As women, we’re always working, and I think it’s important to take a break too and have some time to ourselves to rest. I also want to encourage us all to stay positive because there’s always something to be grateful for every single day,” Catherine said.

Tourism Fiji’s Director of Marketing Emma Campbell said, “Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we focus our attention on some of the amazing women who work at Tourism Fiji.  The Global Pandemic may have impacted our ways of working significantly, but we’ve embraced this challenge, come together, and we are a strong team.  This International Women’s Day I choose to champion the amazing talent in my team by embracing their strengths and continuously supporting their personal development.”

Some of the challenges that the Tourism Fiji women chose this year include: 

  • I choose to challenge the negative stereotype around young people in leadership positions in the workplace 
  • I choose to be the best version of a working mom and challenge stereotypes advocating maternity being a speed bump in a woman’s career 
  • I will manage a gender equal mindset 
  • I challenge myself and younger women to stand up against bullying and provide support to those who are victims of bullying 

The day is an opportunity to acknowledge and raise awareness of women’s rights and gender equality.