Record Tourism in Hawaii is the new unexpected normal: Don’t tell anyone!

Record Tourism in Hawaii is the new unexpected normal: Don’t tell anyone!

eTurboNews 5 April 2021 – Tourism in Waikiki is booming again. The Easter Holidays this year saw Waikiki packed with visitors.

With record domestic tourist arrivals, hotels and airlines are keeping this success for the Hawaii Visitors Industry a State secret.

The balance of COVID-19 infections and vaccine is in place. The key is to keep it in place to make Hawaii the first place in the world to have everything “back to normal.”

With close to 20,000 daily arrivals from the US Mainland a day, pre-clearance of for many airlines in place, so passengers can get to the beach the minute they arrive, Hawaii is showing the world how tourism can be back to normal in the Aloha State – even without international visitors.

It appears hotels and airlines want this popularity not to be known and “rather not comment”, due to corporate policies.

It also appears even more domestic visitors are flooding the beaches compared to normal times.

Of course who is missing are the Canadians, the Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Australian, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Europeans. There are hardly any foreigners, but hotels and restaurants are busy, shops can hardly handle the new domestic tourism demand.

If the United States would open the borders, combining the increased domestic potential with new flights, new domestic markets, Hawaii Tourism would be back to normal or more in no time. Is this good news, or scary news?

What about social distancing? Forget social distancing at the beaches. No one is asking, no one is enforcing. Inside hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, there is a strict mask policy. Some stores including Apple Computer still have strict policies in place to only allow customers in with appointments.