Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Celebrates 2017 Employee Awards

Radisson Blu Resort Fiji

Thursday, 15 February 2018 – The Radisson Blu Resort Fiji recently celebrated the resorts Annual Employee Awards for 2017 recognising the Grand Prize Winners in 3 prestigious categories: Leader of the Year, Front of the House Employee of the Year and Back of the House Employee of the Year. These awards are the highest level of recognition an employee could achieve after first qualifying for the quarter awards through nominations received from staff votes and Department Heads feedback based on the resorts service philosophy of ‘Yes I Can!’ Attitudes and performance.

The Radisson Blu Resort family believes in rewarding and recognising excellent employee performance and are proud to foster exciting schemes and policies to empower and honour dedicated and hardworking individuals throughout the year. Together with the 2017 Annual Award Winners, 6 other colleagues were recognised as the 4th Quarter 2017 winners which included Rookie of the Quarter, Leader of the Quarter and Back and Front of the House Employee of the Quarter.

“As a committed responsible business entity, evolving internally and lifting the welfare and development of staff is a fundamental focus of the resort in line to being effective contributors in the local community, says John Bendtsen, General Manager of the Radisson Blu Resort Fiji.

Employee engagement is encouraged through regular employee awards, instant rewards, recognition and internal promotions to encourage and motivate employees. The instant recognition programme called the ‘RAD Rewards’ allows employees to earn points and redeem great prizes and it exists as an incentive for those who exceed expectations through the Radisson Blu Resorts ‘Yes I Can!’ service standards. The resort also encourages cross training between departments and internal promotions to develop talent and skill set within the resort.

“The key to our prosperity and our biggest asset is our people – the team at the Radisson Blu Resort Fiji are the core of all operations. I wish to congratulate all employees recognised for their hard work to continue to excel in their roles and keep up the ‘Yes I Can!’ attitude and commitment”, says John Bendtsen.

Recipients for the 2017 All Employee Awards are as follows: Leader of the Year – Elenoa Green, Back of House Employee of Year – Ashwini Kumar, Front of the House Employee of the Year – Jovilisi Cama, Leader of 4th Quarter- Rosie Devi, Rookie of 4th Quarter – Lycyna Kamali, Front of House December – Philis Campbell, Back of House December – Abdul Rahiman, Front of House November – Merewai Nainoka and Back of House November – Asis Chand.

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