Pacific Regional Tourism Employment Survey

Pacific Regional Tourism Employment Survey


The South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO), is undertaking an online Pacific Regional Tourism Employment Survey.  Employment is one of the key benefits of tourism.  Unlike many other industries, tourism employment is intensive, as it employs a lot of people.  In fact, people are one of the greatest assets of a destination, and they generate many of the best memories that tourists take home with them.

The last employment survey conducted by SPTO was in 2014, recording a total of 61,400 employed in the tourism sector across 14 Pacific Island Countries (PICs). However, it is important to review the current level of tourism employment in the PICs, useful for future sustainable planning, and ensuring that there are jobs for our generation, and future generations, in this important sector.  The need to gain a deeper understanding on the current and future skills supply and demand in the tourism sector is also critical for the PICs, and that employment training needs are aligned.

For these reasons, the SPTO is undertaking the employment survey by asking business that provide goods and services to tourists to tell us about how many people they employ and what their current and future skills supply and demands are.  SPTO kindly request the honor of your business to participate in this online survey by filling the attached form.  All businesses that complete the survey will go into the draw where SPTO will be giving away an iPad in-box.

The survey should take 15 – 20 minutes, and will run till Sunday the 30th of June 2019.   If you have further queries or need further clarifications, please contact Elizabeth Ragimana, Manager Research & Statistics, via

All information provided to the SPTO will remain highly confidential and only aggregated results will be published.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to your response. START YOUR SURVEY NOW