No Jab No Job Revocation

No Jab No Job Revocation

FHTA 17 March 2023 – The Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) has welcomed the recent announcement made by the Government to lift the ‘No Jab No Job’ policy that was implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The association is pleased to hear that the regulation is being revoked with immediate effect, and those who lost their jobs as a result of this policy can choose to now reapply for their positions.

According to government officials, the policy had served its purpose of protecting workers, especially those on the front line during the pandemic.

Having achieved the required immunity levels, this revocation along with the earlier review that no longer restricts travel to Fiji for non-vaccinated visitors is welcome news.

The ‘No Jab No Job’ policy had led to some tourism workers losing their jobs due to the earlier enforcement of this requirement.

Fantasha Lockington, CEO of FHTA, expressed the tourism industry’s appreciation for the Government’s decision, stating, “We are pleased to note the progressive steps to lifting the remaining requirements that were initially necessary in balancing the welfare of workers, supporting visitor confidence to travel and ensuring the tourism industry’s recovery.”

“With the lifting of this policy, we hope that two key contingency issues now fall into place – that tourism workers will feel encouraged to re-join the workforce, and that the Ministry of Health & Medical Services, through the Border Health Protection Unit (BHPU) will cease their demands for all resorts to continue testing their staff for COVID, now 16 months post-reopening, that also requires that test results are sent back regularly. “

“We have supported and absorbed as part of general health and safety measures, many of the enhanced steps to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. We look forward to focusing fully on the challenges at hand to lift our competitive levels and increase our productivity and value to the economy, and will remain always grateful to the ministries we worked alongside that guided our way back to where we are today.”