FHTA Joins Global Recycling Day 2023

FHTA Joins Global Recycling Day 2023

FHTA 17 March 2023 – The Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association actively participated in the Global Recycling Day 2023 held at the Sheraton Fiji Golf and Beach Resort.

The event centred on the theme of “Plastic-free Pacific: A Plea” and engaged attendees in roundtable discussions about various aspects of waste management.

These discussions covered topics such as the need for more focused activism, challenges faced in the field, innovative ideas, and policy alignment.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Tourism Viliame Gavoka was the chief guest and delivered a speech that addressed the importance of sustainable waste management practices in the tourism industry.

He highlighted the role that the industry can play in promoting recycling and reducing plastic waste in the Pacific region.

As part of the event, attendees were encouraged to wear a commemorative pin to support the recycling movement.

It is hoped that this event will inspire attendees to take action and make recycling a priority in the tourism industry and to progress this positive behaviour in the communities that are so connected to the industry.

Fantasha Lockington, CEO of FHTA, emphasized that “Tourism and sustainability go hand in hand, and recycling plays a vital role in reducing waste and preserving our environment and eventually our planet. But we also want to look at ways to do more than just make recycling a priority in the tourism industry.”

“Collectively we can be part of proactive and innovative solutions, and partner with others to create widespread awareness in schools, businesses and across industries. We can also pressure national priorities in this area to ensure wider alignment across regulatory and enforcement bodies so that it’s not just about relying on specific sectors to make the difference. We can ALL make a more impactful difference together to change the national behaviour towards recycling.”