Hexagon Group Awards Employee of the Year 2018

Hexagon Group Of Hotels

Fiji Sun – 12 March 2019

Hard work and loyalty. Those were the two quali­ties that attributed to Yad­ua Bay Resort & Villas Duty Man­ager, Romit Narayan to be awarded the Hexagon Group of Hotels 2018 Employee of of the year.
About Romit Narayan
This young and energetic man joined the company in 2010 where he was based at the Grand Wests Villas in various departments such as Rooms Division, Front Office Reception and Administra­tion.
After a year in the Rooms Divi­sion Department he got promoted as the Accounts Officer at the Groups Finance accounts office where he spent 5 years.
He was than promoted to be the Accounts Supervisor from 2016 till 2018.
Romit was fully involved in all aspects of work in the Finance Department including IT support services and providing staff train­ing and development in this sec­tion. Read more…