Helipro Services

Helipro Services

As of 15 February, 2018 Helipro scope of operations includes fully qualified and highly experienced Australian Paramedic’s, the paramedic’s will work along our current medical team ICU Flight Nurse & Doctor/s also upskilling our current local 2 training paramedic’s.

Steve Whitfield is now the Helipro Director of Paramedic Services

Steve is the Clinical Team Leader and brings an impressive career and educational portfolio.

He is a paramedic with 7 years’ service to the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) where he has trained in both Emergency Support Unit (ESU) and extended care capabilities.

Steve participated in many care Pilot Programs during his time with the Queensland Ambulance Service, including the pre-hospital thrombolysis.

This program resulted in the successful roll out of thrombolysis to all advanced care paramedics in Queensland.

Steve has experience of working internationally having worked in humanitarian, paramedical and prehospital capacities in Nepal, Mongolia, Sinai, Botswana and Vanuatu.

Prior to this, Steve spent seven years in the Australian Defence Force as a recon soldier deploying to Timor Leste, Iraq, Thailand and Hawaii.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Paramedical Science through the University of Tasmania and a Diploma of Ambulance through the Combined Emergency Service Academy (CESA).

Steve is currently enrolled in a Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care and is also studying units in Health Care in Humanitarian Operations.

He is also a fellow candidate for the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS), an industry trainer for Expedition Medicine courses and Advanced Wilderness Life Support.