Five Fiji resorts we’ve been dreaming about

Five Fiji resorts we’ve been dreaming about

NZ House & Garden 18 January 2021 – Yes we’re blessed with a beautiful country and yes we’ve been lucky to have escaped the long laborious lockdowns others around the world have experienced. But we’ve been gagging to escape from these shores and indulge in one of our biggest national pastimes – travel.

And when those international flights start up again, one of the best – and wisest – choices may be closer to home. Think Fiji.

Fiji holidays are like no other. Just a three-hour flight away, they are the ultimate in relaxation with superb weather, beaches and pools galore, and wide smiles and exuberant “bula” greetings from its friendly, welcoming people. Bliss in early post-Covid lockdown times.

Restrictions are also likely to ease between New Zealand and Fiji right at the best time to visit – during our winter when the Fiji weather is mild, settled and dry.