Fiji Roads Authority – Situation Report | 1pm, Saturday 28th December 2019

Fiji Roads Authority

Media Release from the Fiji Roads Authority as at 1pm, Saturday 28th December 2019

This situation report is to advise of the status of FRA’s assets due to the effect of TC Sarai

  • Both Queens Road and Kings Road are open
  • Jetty Road in Kadavu is closed due to a landslide.
  • Several roads are being monitored for closure and we will continue to issue alerts and warnings as required.
  • Please do not drive into water of unknown depth and current as this can be life threatening.
  • We are urging the public to please take all the necessary precautions and adhere to the advisories from relevant authorities.

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Members of the public can also contact the FRA on toll free number 5720 or email

The full list of affected roads can be viewed here.