Fiji Immigration: Clarification on Permits

  1. Work Permit extensions should be applied for a minimum of 1 month prior to its expiry to ensure a faster turnaround. Permit processing turnaround has improved tremendously, but we need to do our part as well.
  2. Work Permit holders do not need to leave the country to get an extension
  3. Extensions cover family members/dependents as well
  4. Where a contract with the original organisation is ending and the work permit is still valid, a new work permit must be applied for if a new contract is confirmed with another organisation
  5. Where a work permit is expiring along with the work contract and the permit holder is unable to leave due to closed borders, a “special purpose COVID extension” may be applied for that provides an extension for 6 months, plus a further 6 months after that. No employment is allowed under this extension.
  6. If you have a contracted work permit holder that is currently out of the country & the permit has expired, you can apply for an extension to that permit based on the need for that person’s skills and your expectation that they can return to work after the required 14 day quarantine period on arrival.
  7. The 14-day Business Visa is being replaced with a Visitor Permit that allows business – this can be between 4 months & 12 months and allows multiple entries into Fiji (and reduces the need for extensions and new applications). This and other changes to the Immigration Act will be updated once the approved regulations are released. This permit must be applied for by the hiring organisation.
  8. Special Purpose Permits – covers Yachties (that have yacht permits for 18 months extendable for 6 months or more). These must be applied through recognised Yacht Agents. The permits are also applicable for Pacific Island Country citizens on medical grounds. No employment is allowed under this permit.
  9. Tourist visa holders who have been unable to leave Fiji can apply for multiple extensions, but also cannot take up formal employment. A person on a tourist visa who has not been able to return home and is currently on an extended permit, and has been offered employment, must apply for a work permit through the employer that is contracting them.
  10. Changes are also being implemented with the Investment Fiji Act. Businesses operating with an Investment Certificate will be expected to register their businesses with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). Check FHTA’s information on ROC requirements here.