FHTA Welcomes Policy Change for Business Visa

FHTA Welcomes Policy Change for Business Visa

FHTA 20 Feb 2023: The Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association FHTA) has lauded moves by the Fiji Immigration Department to introduce a new policy change for business visas in response to urgent requests from priority sectors such as tourism, construction, manufacturing, maritime and agriculture, among others.

The Business Visa has been re-introduced that now offers a few flexible options of 14, 21 or 30 days for those who qualify.
The new policy also allows visitors to transition to a Short-Term Work Permit whilst in the country, enabling them to stay longer and participate in work-related activities.

Applicants can enter on the Business/Visitor Visa while they wait for an already lodged work permit application approval.

“We appreciate the Director of Immigration, Amelia Komaisavai’s recognition of facilitating urgent requests from priority sectors, and the department’s commitment to supporting our industries,”

There is an urgent need to step up work permit processing as employers struggle to replace critical segments of the Fijian workforce that are increasingly enticed to work overseas. More flexibility in work permit options can support businesses to step up their own training programs, upskilling processes and replacement of key positions”, noted Fantasha Lockington, CEO of FHTA.