FHTA Membership Update on LTA Requirements for Tourism Courtesy Bus Licensing

22 January 2020 – The Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) has been in on-going discussions with the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) senior management since October 2019 on their new interpretation of an existing LTA regulation that now makes it illegal for courtesy vans with more than 8 seats or less than 16 seats to operate as courtesy pick up vans.
 FHTA’s key role has always been to ensure our members are assisted to comply with regulations and where they do not; to find a way to ensure that they can comply by working with the relevant authorities. This supports your business so that you can continue to contribute positively to the tourism industry and Fiji’s economy.
FHTA has been advised by LTA that in the recent review of the interpretation of the Land Transport Act (Sections 53(b), (ii) & Section 63(3),(d)&(e)) it was determined that tourism was not considered when the Act was initially put into place and therefore requires legislation amendments that the industry must await.
 The Ministry of Tourism is providing their sincere support to the industry in trying to find a solution and the Association has also reached out to the Ministry of Transport and the Board of LTA for their assistance.
 In the meantime, members are advised that their courtesy vans that fall into this category will not be provided with the required “B” license plates to pick up or drop off customers and staff or be allowed entry passes for AFL’s airport bus bays.
 We understand that this will cause disruptions to your guest services, however FHTA recommends complete compliance of the requirement by not using any courtesy vans in this category where licensing has not been approved by LTA and to make alternative arrangements where possible with appropriate explanations provided to guests and customers.

Please contact me directly for queries or questions on the above.