FHTA joins Fiji Meteorological Service Stakeholder Consultations

FHTA joins Fiji Meteorological Service Stakeholder Consultations

FHTA 29 July 2020 – The Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) was recently invited to be a part of the Fiji Metrological Service’s (FMS) Stakeholder Consultations.

The consultation workshop was held on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 of July at the Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbour to strengthen and improve their current relationships with its stakeholders.

16 economic sectors were represented as many Ministries and Government bodies attended the consultations.

Weather impacts tourism and tourism businesses and having the foreknowledge of effective weather information prepares FHAT and the tourism sector to address and recover from situations better.

“Agencies collecting data are of keen interest to us. Data can save lives, reduce costs and improve productivity – our private sector members require that we continually foster these networks,” says Fantasha Lockington, Chief Executive Officer of FHTA.

“Data sharing needs more than just a gentlemen’s agreement, the need for a formal partnership to meet future sector needs is critical,” says Misaeli Funaki, Director of FMS.

FMS looks after the observation of regional weather, Fiji’s climate and hydrological patterns, and provide meteorological and hydrological services.

The workshop was funded by the Government of Russia through UNDP Pacific Office’s Disaster Resilience for the Pacific Small Island Developing States (RESPAC) Project.