Denarau Island Farm

Denarau Island Farm

Nestled between the Heineken House Restaurant and Denarau Island Golf Course lies an organic oasis of fresh Fijian produce that serves as the heart of our Marriott International, Sheraton and Westin Resorts and provides a growing platform to minimise our need to import and showcase the bounty of Fijian produce to guests, associates and local farmers alike.

Started in 2009 with just ½ acre of land, the Denarau Island Farm has now grown to a size of 4ha, is managed by 6 dedicated staff and produces a seasonal harvest of over 850KG, 35 different fruits and vegetables, 2 nurseries and an expanding micro herb garden with edible flowers.

The farm harvests seasonal produce including baby carrots, asparagus, okra, Chilies, tomatoes, cauliflower, guava, paw paw and pineapple, and employs its own experienced coconut climber to manage the 500 coconuts a week that are grown and subsequently enjoyed by guests of the resort.

Built with the vision to reduce the importation of fresh food items, sustain our restaurant menus and showcase quality Fijian produce to our guests, the farm in turn serves as a training venue for our 150 culinary associates who are taught sustainable farming practices and take inspiration for their flavorful menus, and is continuing to build an infrastructure to be able to train local farmers.

More recently, the Denarau Island Farm has implemented a Pacific Grow, Bio-gas System and Dripkit, an innovative smart technology that enables the farm to use clean energy cooking. Approximately 12kg of organic kitchen waste gets fed into the Biogas system daily, producing 700L of gas to power the farm’s onsite BBQ for cooking and additionally 10-15L of dense rich liquid compost which nutrients the spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables grown on site. The farm then incorporates the harvest into their weekly Sunday Afternoon Farm BBQ event providing a full circle farm to table experience for guests.

Marriott International Fiji Resorts are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, minimizing our reliance on imports for produce and enlivening our culinary mantra – ‘go local’.