CFC Programme Launches 100% Vaccinated Stamp

CFC Programme Launches 100% Vaccinated Stamp

Tourism Fiji 14 July 2021 – CARE FIJI COMMITMENT-approved operators whose entire teams are fully vaccinated can now access a new communication tool to confirm this important safety measure – the 100% Vaccinated Stamp.

This new feature will be displayed concurrently with the CFC logo to identify businesses that are CFC approved and have had all their staff fully vaccinated.

“We want to ensure safe, yet seamless travel in the new normal and vaccination is a way to foster our collective responsibility in ensuring safety for both operators and consumers throughout the pandemic,” said Tourism Fiji Director of Marketing, Emma Campbell

“As a destination, we are at our best when we align on a clear message and the vaccination toolkit will help the tourism industry communicate and celebrate the amazing progress that Fiji is making in rolling out vaccinations and keeping Fiji safe,”.

To access the 100% Vaccinated Stamp, operators must first be CFC-approved and complete the CFC Vaccination module. They will then fill in a declaration to confirm they have met the relevant criteria. Once the declaration is complete, the business will receive a toolkit to help them promote their achievement through digital channels.

Businesses who have 100% of their staff vaccinated are encouraged to reach out to Tourism Fiji on to discuss next steps with a Tourism Fiji account manager.

Launched in October 2020, the CARE FIJI COMMITMENT PROGRAMME ensures that tourism businesses adopt enhanced safety standards by upskilling operators in COVID-19 mitigation practices and protocols to ensure traveller safety. 252 businesses have registered for the programme with 159 businesses being fully CARE FIJI COMMITMENT approved so far.

In accordance with the Public Health (Amendment) Act 2021, all employers and employees in the private sector and statutory bodies are legally obliged to receive at least one dose of the vaccine by 1 August 2021.

Tourism Fiji continues to encourage other tourism operators and businesses to vaccinate and sign up for the CARE FIJI COMMITMENT programme by visiting