Health ministry reports dengue fever cases

Health ministry reports dengue fever cases

The Fiji Times, 02 January 2018 – FIJI’S Ministry of Health has asked members of the public to visit their nearest health facility if they experience symptoms of dengue fever.

In a statement issued today, the ministry said there had been cases of dengue fever and severe dengue fever reported around the country.

“The symptoms of dengue fever consists of fever with any of the following: joint or muscle pain, headache, pain behind the eyes, loss of appetite, rash, and nausea and vomiting,” the ministry said. Read more…

ATS claims best pay conditions

ATS claims best pay conditions

The Fiji Times, 02 January 2018 – AIR Terminal Services management say workers at the company enjoy the best pay conditions.

In a press statement released recently by the company’s human resources manager Richard Donaldson, ATS said while not required under the Employment Relations Act or any of the Wage Regulation Orders (WRO), ATS paid employees a meal allowance whenever they performed shift work.

“ATS also has an overtime meal allowance, the value of which is more than 25 per cent higher than the highest overtime meal allowance under the WRO,” it said. Read more…

Workers told offer still stands

Air Terminal Services (Fiji) LtdAir Terminal Services (Fiji) Ltd

The Fiji Times, 02 January 2018 – AIR Terminal Services (Fiji) Ltd has called on all 250 employees who have stayed away from work to return “while the offer still stands”.

In a paid advertisement in Saturday’s The Fiji Times, company acting CEO Hare Mani said by taking up board chairman Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s offer, all picketing staff could return to work with “the promise of no further victimisation or termination”.

“All they need to do is admit that they were wrong in writing and return to work,” Mr Mani said. Read more…

More Workers Return Says ATS, And More Enquiries About Returning

Air Terminal Services (Fiji) LtdAir Terminal Services (Fiji) Ltd

Fiji Sun, 01 January 2018 – More Air Terminal Services employees on strike have returned to work alongside those who did not go on strike.

While ATS management is confident that  good sense will prevail and more will report to their work stations.

As of yesterday more than 25 of the striking employees had returned to work after protesting with fellow workers, who are members of the Air Terminal Services Employees Trust. Read more…

ATS urges workers to return to work

ATS Workers

The Fiji Times, 01 January 2018 – AIR Terminal Services (Fiji) Ltd says 23 people have now returned to work after the company’s workers strike began on December 16 last year.

With 23 people returning to work, the company has urged other workers to take advantage of the ATS board chairman’s offer and return to work.

The workers have been asked to call the company if they wished to seek further clarification. Read more…

Payment queries

Payment queries

The Fiji Times, 31 December 2017 – THE National Federation Party claims the Air Terminal Services board agreed to an overpayment to Fiji Airways of $2.5 million for damage to an Airbus aircraft during cargo handling.

NFP leader Professor Biman Prasad claimed in 2015, an ATS joint container pallet loader hit a Fiji Airways Airbus A330 aircraft.

Prof Prasad claimed Fiji Airways initially demanded $12m in damage, but this was reduced to $6.4m and then settled at $3m. The NFP leader said the fact that damage assessment carried out by insurers had pegged the repair bill at $535,000 and Fiji Airways had demanded $3m was a serious concern for workers who owned 49 per cent of ATS. Prof Prasad also alleged three board members who were workers’ representatives were arbitrarily removed for questioning the $3m payout. Read more…

National strike threat

National strike threat

The Fiji Times, 31 December 2017 – THE Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC) says it will call for a national strike if the Air Terminal Services (ATS) issue is not resolved soon.

National secretary Felix Anthony made the statement after the FTUC national council emergency meeting in Nadi yesterday.

He said in a build-up to the national strike, the FTUC was preparing to hold a march through Nadi Town to highlight the ongoing plight of 250 ATS workers and the issues that had led to the impasse with management, which has entered its 15th day. Read more…

Big Response To ATS Vacancies

Air Terminal Services (Fiji) LtdAir Terminal Services (Fiji) Ltd

Fiji Sun, 28 December 2017 – An overwhelming response has been received by the Air Terminal Services (ATS) for short-term vacancies it recently advertised.

These 150 positions were left vacant by striking workers currently embroiled in a dispute with ATS management.

Acting chief executive officer Hare Mani said the applications have been coming in and they expect an even bigger response to the ‘walk-in’ interviews which will take place in Nadi tomorrow. Read more…

‘Who is calling the shots’

Air Terminal Services (Fiji) LtdAir Terminal Services (Fiji) Ltd

The Fiji Times, 27 December 2017 – STATEMENTS released by Air Terminal Services Fiji Ltd, saying workers representatives refused to meet the management after the visit by Employment Minister Jone Usamate last Saturday, has unions and workers questioning “who is calling the shots” as the saga enters in to the 12th day.

The ATS released a statement on Monday claiming workers representatives refused to meet them for an impromptu meeting after Mr Usamate’s visit.

“Unfortunately, after allowing adequate response time the management followed up for a response but were told that the reps did not wish to meet,” ATS said. Read more…

Police monitor situation at ATS

ATS Workers

The Fiji Times, 26 December 2017 – POLICE are monitoring the situation at the Nadi International Airport where more than 250 Air Terminal Services staff members are in a disagreement with their management.

Fiji Police Force chief of operations ACP Rusiate Tudravu said while police could not make any comments on the impasse, they have been monitoring the situation near the airport.

He said police would not get involved unless it was necessary. Read more…



Fiji Sun, 25 December 2017 – Claims of passengers being hospitalised after getting hurt at Nadi International Airport have been branded as blatant lies.

In releasing this fabricated information on a YouTube video posted across social media the Transport Workers Union (TWU) of Australia called for support for striking Air Terminal Services (ATS) workers at Nadi.

Air Terminal Services chief executive officer Hare Mani said he was shocked at the blatant lies told by the TWU. Read more…

2017 Fijian Tourism Talanoa – Acknowledgment of Participation

2017 Fijian Tourism Talanoa – Acknowledgment of Participation

Bula vinaka,

On behalf of the Fijian Tourism Talanoa Planning Committee, we wish to extend our sincere appreciation for your interest and participation at the 2017 Fijian Tourism Talanoa which was held on Friday, 17 November, 2017 at the Sheraton Resort, Nadi.

Your participation contributed to the success of the event. We look forward to your continued cooperation as we implement the resolutions of the Talanoa.

We would also appreciate your feedback via to assist us in improving future events.

Copies of all presentations on the day can be accessed via  below:

Session 1:

Deva De Silva_International Finance Corporation

Krishna Prasad _Ministry of Economy

Shaheen Ali_MITT

Session 2:

Andre Viljoen_Fiji Airways

Brad Rutherford_Society of Fiji Travel Associates

Dixon Seeto_Fij Hotel and Tourism Association

Matthew Stoeckel_Tourism Fiji

Session 3: 

Ajay Raniga_Sunergise

Amelia Waqanibeqa_Ministry of Forests

Craig Powell_National Trust of Fiji

Richard Veeran_Ministry of Fisheries

Stuart Gow_Resort Support

Session 4: 

Elenoa Nimacere_Vinaka Fiji

Isimeli Nalomaca_Fiji Higher Education Commission

James Sowane_Pacifc Destinations

Ram Sami and Sons

Uraia Waibuta_Ministry of Agriculture


Industry Message by Dixon Seeto_President of Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association

Keynote Address by Acting Prime Minister of Fiji and Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism & Lands and Mineral Resources


Update – HASAWA (Diving) Regulations 2006

Update – HASAWA (Diving) Regulations 2006
Bula Members,
The FHTA Dive Committee (DiveComm) has invested valuable time with the OHS Inspectorate and Ministry of Employment Productivity and Industrial Relations (MoEPIR) over the last year working with them on, and advising from an industry’s perspective; the OHS roll out of the HASAWA (Diving) Regulations 2006.
This has included progress with them agreeing not to inspect any business until they have gone out to industry with a HASAWA (Diving) Regulations 2006 – Training Package to introduce the legislation to the dive industry.
 The Training Package was therefore developed with FHTA DiveComm input and was approved by the NOHSAB Advisory Board in its Feb 2017 meeting to be launched and run in late 2017. This has now commenced with workshops in Labasa, Taveuni and Lautoka already completed. Further workshops in the Central and Eastern Division are also planned soon.
HASAWA (Diving) Regulations 2006 – Training Package
  • 1 day course run by MoEPIR or OHS Trainer
  • Mainly aimed at Managers, Owners, Directors, OHS Reps, OHS Committees and Dive Site Supervisors (ie not ALL dive staff required)
  • Includes overview of main legislation HASAWA 1996 and the ERP (and how it affects worker safety responsibilities and entitlements)
  • 2017/2018 courses will be at NO CHARGE to dive industry members per our recommendation
  • In future years OHS/OHS Trainers will charge for this course
HASAWA (Diving) Regulations 2006 Date
Member background and timeline of the legislation and its implementation:
  • Passed in Parliament on 28th September 2006.
  • Gazette Notice 13th October 2006 (Legal Notice No. 129)
  • Commence enforcement on 6th June 2014
  • HASAWA (Diving) Regulations 2006 – Training Package implementation 2017-2018
  • Enforcement/registrations during OHS Inspections: January 2018 onwards
By the time the OHS Inspections start in January 2018, we will have had a grace period of 3 years (since 2014 commencement of enforcement) to comply with Licenses, Registrations and compliance regulations. You are therefore urged to participate in the Training Packages when provided.
OHS Inspectorate Trainings Completed
The OHS Inspectorate has now had 15 of its inspectors trained in scuba specific technical areas during August 2017 and are now considered ‘trained’ on:
  1. Visual Cylinder (VCI)
  2. Valve Technician Course (VTC)
  3. Scubapro Resort Course (SRC)
  4. Compressor Inspector Course
MoEPIR Documents
For those who have not seen or do not have a copy of the Regulations, download official docs here:
Amendments, Modifications and Clarifications of Regulations
When the OHS Inspectorate do roll out their inspections and start interpreting the law, we expect there will be some issues – some foreseen and some which will come up as a normal part of commencing with a new regulation. We will deal with these through the correct channels to ensure that application is consistent throughout the country and are already aware of some inconsistencies of application across all regions.
NOTE: If there are ANY changes to be made to the current regulation, the Ministry must resubmit the new document with changes through the Solicitor General’s Office for legal vetting. The Ministry will not do such work for minor changes and we anticipate that any change requests will be bundled up with other changes (like introducing the Australian based law they wanted to do initially) that may not be favourable to the industry. It is therefore recommended that we stick to clarifying the interpretations rather than requesting modifications.
As such, FHTA, MoEPIR and the OHS Inspectorate are planning quarterly meetings during 2018 to ensure we maintain an ongoing dialogue to ease the transition of these Regulations.
Currently Identified Interpretation Issues
The following issues were highlighted at the workshops and FHTA and OHS Inspectorate are addressing them in regards to interpretation:
  1. Status of the recompression chamber facilities at the CWM Hospital. MoH and MoEPIR are working to ensure a timely resolution to this. Current information is that the tender has been awarded and we await a date for installation.
  2. The ban imposed by the Ministry of Fisheries on the use of underwater breathing apparatus (UBAs) in the fisheries commercial industry. This is not so much a ban as a refusal to issue exemptions to the law. The law states that UBA not be used for fishing unless you get a Ministerial Exemption and we understand that the Minister is not issuing these.
  3. Internal mechanism regarding the registration and licensing of dive personnel; dive master, assistant dive instructor and dive instructors. This is being fine-tuned by OHS and FHTA will work with them to ensure simplicity.
  4. Requirements for medical certification of dive personnel and visitors. This has been clarified and only workers need the specified medical certificate. Overseas visitors will continue to sign the standard form stating they are medically fit. If they are not, THEN only do they need to see a doctor.
  5. Requirements for registration and inspection of dive equipment and associated inspection fees. This is in line with the standard OHS Inspection fees schedule.
Comments/Feedback Through Industry Body, FHTA
We ask that any member who has issues, information, concerns or recommendations on the HASAWA (Diving) Regulations 2006, route these through our tourism diving industry body FHTA DiveComm. We will be addressing the OHS Inspectorate and the MoEPIR directly to discuss the application and interpretation of the Regulations once the workshops have been completed.
We understand that there are concerns about Clause 10 Medical Certificates. The intent of this is for dive professionals only and not for every diver and this will be confirmed with the OHS Inspectorate and the Ministry of Labour.
We look forward to working with everyone to comply with the Laws of Fiji with the least cost and minimum disruption as possible to the industry.
Kind regards

Fantasha Lockington
Chief Executive Officer
Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association
42 Gorrie St | P. O. Box 13560 | Suva

Dengue cases high, clean-up campaign looms

Dengue cases high, clean-up campaign looms

The Fiji Times, 14 November 2017 – THERE is an increase in dengue cases recorded so far this year compared with the same period last year.

So far this year, the health authorities have recorded 2699 cases compared with 889 in 2016.

The acting national advisor on communicable diseases, Dr Aalisha Sahukhan revealed yesterday that of the 2699 recorded cases of dengue fever, the highest number was recorded in the Western and Central divisions. Read more…

MITT: Fijian Tourism Talanoa

MITT: Fijian Tourism Talanoa

The Ministry of Industry, Trade & Tourism invites members to the Fijian Tourism Talanoa scheduled for Friday, 17 November 2017 at the Sheraton Fiji Resort Ballroom on Denarau.

The event program and Talanoa Etiquette Guidelines are attached below. The Guidelines also outline the platform to submit questions electronically during the Talanoa.

A maximum of two (2) participants can register per property/business.

E-registration is required to confirm attendance.

Please click here to register.

Registrations closes on Wednesday, 15 November 2017 at 5.00pm.

All queries to be directed to Lesieli K. Qetaki ( or Ms. Letila Kedrabuka ( and phone 3305411.


1. Event Program [151KB – PDF]

2. Fijian Tourism Talanoa Etiquette Guidelines [142KB – PDF]

Grand Pacific Hotel Ordered To Pay Terminated Employee Wages

Grand Pacific Hotel

Fiji Sun, 04 November 2017 – The Employment Relations Tribunal has ordered the Grand Pacific Hotel (GPH) to reimburse the wages for a year and five months to a former employee.

Inise Toganiyasawa was terminated in 2015 from her job as a public area attendant after a plate of pancakes which she was supposed to serve to the guests somehow slipped from her grip.

She had claimed that her termination under previous management was unfair and unjust. Read more…

Compensation: Former Grand Pacific Hotel Employee Wins Unfair Dismissal Case

Grand Pacific Hotel

Fiji Sun, 02 November 2017 – A former employee of the Grand Pacific Hotel (GPH) was awarded 21 months wages as a result of employment grievance and compensation for humiliation, loss of dignity and injury to her feelings that she suffered while employed by the hotel.

Makereta Mafili was terminated on February 20, 2015 after the hotel claimed that she had walked out of her job on February 16, 2015 and did not return to work thereafter.

In a letter from the hotel to Ms Mafili dated February 26, 2015 they informed her that her employment contract was self-terminated. Read more…

KPMG | Flash Report – Issue 23 of 2017 (Tax Amendments)


We attach our Flash Report (Issue 23 of 2017) highlighting the amendments to the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service Act 1998 and the Tax Administration Act 2009.

The Flash Report is issued in summary form exclusively for the information of clients and staff of KPMG and should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for detailed advice or as a basis for formulating business decisions.

Should you have any queries please contact your client service personnel or me.


Lisa Apted
Partner | KPMG
Level 10 BSP Suva Central | Renwick Road | Suva | Fiji
GPO Box 32 | Suva | Fiji
T +679 330 1155 | F +679 330 1312

Read more: Flash Report Issue 23 of 2017 – Tax Amendments [99KB PDF]