New ship to provide hospital operation services

New ship to provide hospital operation services

Fiji Sun, Mon 12 Feb – A new Government ship will be arriving in Fiji from Malaysia in April. The new vessel would provide hospital operation services to support people during disaster relief and humanitarian operations.

The director Government Shipping Services (GSS) Josese Lawaniyasana said:

“It contains a fully equipped operating room and recovery room and can carry up to 40 passengers,” he said

The new vessel will be arriving in April.

The vessel has the capacity of transporting 316 tonnes of water to drought stricken islands and can also cart a maximum of 250 tonnes of general cargo.

He said the new vessel was 41 metres long

The multi-purpose vessel was designed and built for the purpose of providing quick relief response and basic medical services during the aftermath of natural disasters, medical outreach programmes or disease outbreaks. Read in Fiji Sun

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