Why now could be the best time to re-conceptualise your hotel

Why now could be the best time to re-conceptualise your hotel

eHotelier 2 Feb 2021 – Health and economic crises have an established pattern of changing our behaviours, our values and even our cities, with our built environment evolving to reflect the underlying transformations occurring in our societies. The hospitality industry – having been hit so hard by the COVID pandemic – may be reasonably expected to go through that same adaptation.

The businesses that are most likely to succeed in the new normal are those that take this period of disruption as a time to assess and understand their new environment, re-evaluate their way of doing business and adapt their offering appropriately. For many, the best route forward may be to re-conceptualise what it means to them to be a hotel in this new era.

In the process of developing or repositioning a hotel business, it’s key to create a solid identity for the business that encapsulates what your hotel has to offer, from its architectural design and its target market to its experiential offerings, guest experience, and everything in between. Your hotel concept design collates and captures this identity – it takes all the separate elements of your business and creates a cohesive and unique ‘whole’.

Hotel concepts are most impactful when every aspect of the hotel is informed and shaped by this identity, creating a compelling story and experience that creates a bond between your business and the needs, values and desires of your guests.