USP Tourism Alumni Excel with P&O Cruises

USP Tourism Alumni Excel with P&O Cruises

February 13, 2024 – In a remarkable testament to the quality of education at The University of the South Pacific (USP), three former students from the Discipline of Tourism and Hospitality Management are making waves in the global tourism sector, particularly with their roles at P&O Cruises Australia. Nivkesh Mullick, Romulusi Masi, and Panapasa Buadromo, all graduates of USP, have not only secured positions with one of the leading cruise operators but are also showcasing the essence of Pacific Island hospitality on an international platform.

Joining P&O Cruises Australia, a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation, a British-American-owned cruise giant with headquarters in Sydney, Australia, the trio underwent a rigorous selection process that drew applicants globally. Their success underscores their professional growth and aptitude in meeting the demands of the competitive cruise industry.

Nivkesh Mullick, originally from Lautoka City, Fiji, credits his USP education for preparing him for the challenges of the international cruise sector. Reflecting on his journey, Nivkesh emphasizes the significance of leveraging USP experiences to thrive in the global job market, urging current students to maximize their educational opportunities.

Similarly, Panapasa Buadromo, hailing from Bau Island, Fiji, embarked on his career in the cruise industry over a decade ago, setting a precedent for Fijians seeking international opportunities. Panapasa’s journey from USP to P&O Cruises Australia highlights the pivotal role of mentorship and guidance provided by USP faculty in shaping his career trajectory.

Romulusi Masi, another USP alumnus contributing to the success story, emphasizes the intrinsic value of Pacific Island hospitality ingrained in their upbringing. This unique quality, he believes, sets them apart in the global tourism landscape, enriching the guest experience aboard P&O Cruises Australia.

The trio’s achievements resonate with Professor Digby Race, Acting Head of School for Business and Management at USP, who lauds the graduates’ success as a testament to the university’s commitment to excellence in tourism education.

In their roles onboard P&O Cruises Australia, Nivkesh, Panapasa, and Romulusi epitomize diligence, quality service, and a warm demeanor, ensuring an exceptional experience for passengers embarking on voyages across Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, and Asia.

Their journey from USP to the global stage serves as an inspiration for aspiring students across the Pacific, encouraging them to pursue their dreams beyond local boundaries and make a mark in international organizations. As ambassadors of Pacific Island hospitality, they exemplify the potential of USP graduates to excel on the world stage.