Supporting Fiji’s digital transformation

Supporting Fiji’s digital transformation

FIJI TIMES 20 February 2020 – FIJI’S infrastructure is changing to support the country’s digital transformation and international company DXC Technology  is helping businesses jump onto this change.

More than 125 participants were part of a workshop facilitated by DXC Technology which was to enlighten its customers on it could innovate businesses in areas such as human resources, finance and its operations.

According to ANZ Director Microsoft for DXC Eclipse, Martin Wildsmith they saw Fiji adopting the cloud based system and running the software remotely to store data and information and rather move away from having a file service and hardware on site.

“And this is where Microsoft is extremely dominant and is the market leader,” he said.

“Azure is Microsoft cloud platform, it’s their main cloud platform, so you’ve got amazon and you’ve got Microsoft Azure and that becomes the two dominant platforms global.”

He said all the processes for shifting their cloud based systems were based on Microsoft Azure.

“It will take Fiji customers five to ten years to all steadily go off that and the government is busy installing faster networks with the cables and various Telco’s that are going to bring 5G.

“But once you have 5G all you have is a decent connection via the new fibre, you can then run on the cloud, so customers in Fiji are all starting to do.”

According to Mr Wildsmith the soft was much easier to maintain and Fiji would be using the same software platform that every other country.

“So what we are trying to do is help drive Fiji and support Fiji’s clients to come off these on premise older platforms and migrate to the cloud and take advantage of these new much more customer centric platforms,” he said.

DXC Eclipse has been in Fiji since 2000 and according to Mr Wildsmith they had 25 to 30 people looking after their cliental in the Pacific such as Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Fiji.

“We run these sorts of events two or three times a year, we would bring international people to really bring updates on trends in ICT details of what Microsoft is doing and our main suppliers are doing in terms of their products planning and future,” he said.