Radisson Blu Resort Fiji donates $10K to Fiji Cancer Society

Radisson Blu Resort Fiji donates $10K to Fiji Cancer Society

The earmarked International Pinktober Month; is celebrated by many across the globe in the hopes of spreading awareness and advocating the realities of breast cancer patients and survivors alike.

This year, on the auspicious 30th of October 2022, the team at Radisson Blu Resort Fiji as part of Responsible Business celebrated the event by organizing a Walk-a-thon with the inclusion of willing guests as participants for the long walk to Denarau Industrial Park.

Radisson Blu Resort Fiji General Manager, Mr. Charles Homsy, had the honour of handing the donation cheque of FJD$10,000.00 to the Fiji Cancer Society representatives; raised with the help of resort staff (purchasing a Denarau Island, Fiji, 31 October 2022 pinktober merchandise) and guests during the special month.

The General Manager said, “While it is unfortunate that we have loved ones suffering from this terrible disease, we must not withhold our hands in trying to help.

Nonetheless, I am proud, that through our combined efforts, the Radisson Blu Resort Fiji has been able to act and position itself as a supporter in the fight against breast cancer.”

A panel of representatives from the Fiji Cancer Society was present and were very vocal about the advocacy of the significance of Pinktober. Margaret Rounds, a representative shared in detail how important it is to get an early check-up if there are any irregularities and continue to be persistent if you are not satisfied with your health results.