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PwC IFRS Update – May 2018


We’re on the threshold of the biggest IFRS challenge since 2005, when IFRS was implemented. The impact of IFRS 9, 15 (both already effective) and IFRS 16 (effective in 2019) can be huge.

PwC’s IFRS update on the new standards takes you through how you may be impacted. More infomation below;

  1. IFRS 9 Update
  2. IFRS 15 Update
  3. IFRS 16 Update

If you would like to know more about these recent developments or have any other questions, please get in touch with the PwC contacts listed below;

Grant Burns
Assurance Partner
T: 3313955
M: 7020744
E: grant.ed.burns@fj.pwc.com

Wiliki Takiveikata
Assurance Partner
T: 6660400
M: 7020895/ 9990895
E: wiliki.takiveikata@fj.pwc.com

Kaushick Chandra
Assurance Partner
T: 3313955
M: 7020900/9992070
E: kaushick.xx.chandra@fj.pwc.com

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