Mad and popular

Fiji Times Thursday 28 September 2017  IF you’re mad for meat or a good ole barbecue enthusiast, then you are going to love this.

A new barbecue and grill restaurant in Suva’s central business district is fast becoming a popular eatery after its opening a week ago.

Mad House BBQ and Grill Restaurant, situated along Gordon St in Suva, is one of the newest eateries in town specialising in Korean barbecue dishes, meat delicacies and other Asian dishes.

And it’s not just any restaurant where you place your order and wait, this one gives you the chance to even grill or cook your own barbecue right in front of you with the assistance of staff members.

As ironic as the name may sound, restaurant owner Tim Chen said he chose the name Mad House to reflect his mad love for meat, especially barbecue.

“Mad House is a funny and catchy name and it’s also easy to remember, but I chose it because I know many Fijians love barbecue,” he told this newspaper.

“Most people when ordering barbecue, they say: ‘I’m mad for some meat’, so I developed the name from there.”  Read more…