Koro Sun Resort floating bures

Koro Sun Resort

Fiji Sun – 15th Feb, 2019

It’s good to hear that Koro Sun Resort and Rainforest Spa has taken successful measures to ensure that its floating bures withstand cyclones.
During the height of Cyclone Winston the floating bures were torn from their moorings and dragged out to sea by the huge waves and surging waters that enveloped the marina and reef.
They remained mostly intact and stayed afloat whilst being pounded by the severe conditions and eventually found their way to be washed back to shore a few kilometres away.
Only one out of the eight were smashed by the waves and never to be seen again.
The bures were repaired where they lay and eventually floated back into the marina and installed for the second time.
Successful measures have been taken to ensure there is no repeat of the Winston damage and they have no further instances where they find themselves in a fight with nature.